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People who don't want to deal with the trouble of costly, messy treatments or invasive hair surgery procedures may find micro scalp pigmentation as the best treatment. By applying small pigmented spots to your skin, micro skin pigmentation treatment gives the appearance of permanent hair. That said, even though a hair transplant is another option for baldness, it may be expensive and leave unsightly scars; this is why skin micro pigmentation is preferable. 

Both men and women can experience negative feelings in response to hair loss and its aftereffects. Therefore, looking for the quickest and safest solutions, such as micro-skin pigmentation, is only natural when you see even the slightest hair loss.

What Is Micro-Skin Pigmentation?

Hair thinning and hair loss can be treated cosmetically using scalp micro pigmentation. It's sometimes termed a hair tattoo. Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) is a technique used to provide the appearance of thicker hair. Eyebrows, eyelashes, eyelids (as eyeliner), and lips are some of the facial features that can benefit from micro pigmentation.

Specific techniques and products promise to trigger hair growth in a short period. Sadly, these techniques rarely live up to their claims. Patients are left with unpaid bills and unfilled medications as a constant reminder of their setbacks. Incredibly risk-free and clinically proven, skin micro pigmentation can help you regrow lost hair. So, if you are concerned that you may feel uncomfortable navigating the streets of Los Angeles with a bald head, you need not fret any longer. The finest experts in micro-skin pigmentation can be found at the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic (BHHR). 

Facts You Need to Know About Micro-Skin Pigmentation

Following is everything you need to know about micro skin micro pigmentation:

1. Does Not Fade Away Easily

Similar to tattoos, micro pigmentation lasts a lifetime. That's why plenty of people call it "hairline tattooing" for short. You can expect permanent results from the operation, so your new hairline won't disappear over time. The professionals at the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic (BHHR) will explain all of the steps involved in the process.

After having micro-skin pigmentation, you will feel like you have hair again in just a few days. You can rest assured that your closely guarded secret won't be exposed because the results won't vanish with time. The fading, if any, occurs gradually over a very long time.

2. Work only with a Micro Pigmentation Expert

Experts must complete rigorous training programs to qualify for a skin micro pigmentation operation. We take quality assurance at the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic (BHHR) very seriously. Any customer who walks through our doors will be satisfied thanks to our rigorous screening process.

3. Micropigmentation of the skin does not stimulate hair growth

Know that the goal of micro-skin pigmentation isn't to regrow hair but to give an appearance of a buzz cut (a close shave of the hair). No better option exists for those at peace because their hair is gone for good. This process can be vital in helping you regain your self-assurance, which is crucial in a city as vibrant as Beverly Hills.

4. Micropigmentation is a risk-free cosmetic procedure.

Unlike other hair care methods, which often include harmful chemicals, this has minimal risk. Non-invasive means that no major cuts must be made in the scalp throughout the process. This implies the likelihood of getting sick from infection has been cut in half. In the same way, getting a tattoo along your hairline won't leave you needing any aftercare. Also, this is one of the safest methods for dealing with hair loss because it does not include incisions or the use of any chemicals. The operation causes minimal discomfort, and infection is unlikely to occur.

5. Micropigmentation Looks Natural and Realistic

This method may not result in hair growth, but it will cover up your bald patch and make you look natural. Unless they look very closely, no one can tell that the ink pigments injected into your scalp are not your genuine hair. Using this method, your hair follicles will be dyed to look like real hair. To achieve the most natural effects, our professionals will ensure the hair tattoo grows in the same direction your hair does. Micro-pigmentation of the skin offers the impression of thick, full hair and can make you feel years younger.

6. Minimal care is needed for micro-pigmentation of the skin

Because synthetic hair is implanted under the skin, you may skip buying pricey hair care items to keep it healthy. No need to stress over finding the time to do your hair every day. To get ready, simply wash the colored areas and, if desired, add some hair wax for gloss. The results of micro-skin pigmentation for hair loss are more long-lasting. It's also an affordable alternative to consider. Contact our hair specialists immediately if you want a safe and effective skin micro-pigmentation procedure.

Why do you want micro pigmentation?

Before deciding to have micro-skin pigmentation done, you should have clear goals in mind. Micro-pigmentation of the skin, when done well, gives the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Some refer to it as "hair concealer," though. However, this method was designed to treat issues related to the scalp and hair. Consider whether you want to undergo a technique that involves injecting hundreds of tiny microdots deep within your scalp to stimulate hair. Although the process could be uncomfortable, it is well worth it.

How much time it takes to micro pigment the skin, and when does it fade?

Semipermanent micro pigmentation is the most common term for this technique. All skin naturally exfoliates. Thus, the treated region will gradually diminish even if the effects remain for eight years. The pigment employed makes all the difference, whether or not the color changes or it may just lighten.

This noninvasive therapy may take more than one session to complete. In the first few hours following the treatment, your scalp must be protected from air exposure and heat to prevent mild fading. And usually, the first month after getting a tattoo is when you'll see the most fading. You can avoid this by using the sunscreen creams that a doctor or dermatologist recommends.

This method takes only a few sessions to finish, unlike other hair loss treatments like medicine that take a long time to produce obvious benefits and an even longer healing period. Being a non-invasive procedure, recovery time is minimal.

Why Use Scalp Micropigmentation As A Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair thinning can be caused by many medical issues, including autoimmune diseases, anemia, thyroid illness, hormonal imbalances, and even heredity. In other words, checking for them is suitable for your general health. When used in conjunction with micro pigmentation, this can be quite effective.

SMP treatment has many benefits, such as making people feel better about themselves and leaving them with little to no downtime after an appointment. It is a great alternative to surgery for people with thinning hair, hair loss, or balding, like those with alopecia. SMP brings back the natural hairline in people who are partially or wholly bald and covers up different types of alopecia and general thinning. Scars, burns, or other marks on the scalp are less noticeable after using this product.

At the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic (BHHR), our trained professionals in micro-skin pigmentation can assist you in restoring your hair and answering any questions you may have. If you're ready to put an end to your thinning hair and worry about hair loss, we'll make sure you get the most outstanding results possible.

What Is The Follow-up Care After A Micropigmentation Procedure?

  • Before each treatment, you may shower but must not wet your hair or put anything on your scalp besides the prescribed medication. 
  • At least four to five days should elapse between sessions to avoid adverse effects.
  • Avoid getting your sweat on by engaging in strenuous activities.
  • Stop scratching your head and give this a chance.
  • Using the pool, sauna, or steam rooms is prohibited throughout this procedure.
  • For at least a few days after the procedure is finished, avoid putting your head in a location where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Whenever your aesthetician gives advice, you should take it to heart and implement it without fail. After five days of application, you can safely spend 30–40 minutes in direct sunlight.

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Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt?

It is impossible to accurately assess the pain level or make a meaningful comparison since people have varying levels of tolerance to pain. The truth is that pain is an unavoidable side effect of hair pigmentation due to the nature of the treatment and the fact that it employs somewhat invasive technologies. However, a numbing lotion is first administered to the scalp to make this treatment less uncomfortable.

How Much Does It Cost, And How Long Does It Last?

The total scalp micropigmentation cost will be proportional to the number of treatment sessions required and the affected area's size. People have reportedly spent up to $5,000 on average for this procedure. Given that it is a technique that is intended to be permanent, the results will be long-lasting. Your skin micro pigmentation expense might be considered an investment if you take the required post-treatment maintenance.

The Bottom Line

It is possible to conceal bald spots on your head through scalp micro pigmentation, which a qualified expert performs. It is also possible for it to cover scars or birthmarks. On bald persons, the therapy can also provide the appearance of a buzz cut or shaved head of hair, giving them the appearance of having hair. Get in touch with the BHHR professionals for the most effective micro-skin pigmentation.

If you have any questions about scalp micropigmentation treatment, you can reach us at 310.289.0901 or schedule an appointment.

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