Celebrity Hair transplant Photos

Celebrity Hair Transplants at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we pride ourselves not only on providing distinguished results in hair transplant surgery but continually being a top choice option for celebrities seeking VIP treatment and impeccable results in hair restoration. When appearance is a top priority in an individual's career, it's crucial they make an educated and informed decision about their hair restoration clinic and surgeon. All staff members and surgeons at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration value the privacy and security of their patients and their priority to keep their personal lives under wraps.

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, our practice continues to remain a choice option for those in the public eye because of the customized experience, ease and comfort of the procedure and our dedication to patient confidentiality. Although that dedication to patient privacy is of the utmost importance, celebrities often times will share their positive experiences with our clinic when they are truly happy with the results.

"If your hair, or lack thereof has bugged you like it’s bugged me for years, here’s your turn around."

-Bobby Blotzer, Drummer of RATT

Bobby Blotzer – His Hair Restoration Experience

Bobby Blotzer, a well-known musician and drummer of the heavy metal rock band RATT, had been dealing with hair loss for years. When Blotzer was finally ready to make a change, he was referred to Beverly Hills Hair Restoration and Dr. John Kahen by a friend. Secure in the confidentiality of Dr. Kahen and the entire BHHR staff, Blotzer had two hair transplant procedures performed by Dr. Kahen. Satisfied with his hair transplant results, he decided to share his story about his experience.

"…The results are really what made it all worth it. My hairline is natural and no one can tell that I had a hair transplant, which I think is important to a lot of people considering a hair transplant. Dr. Kahen actually listens to what you want and the entire staff is really attentive. I can't thank Dr. Kahen and his staff enough for their amazing work."

RATT touring as a band today. Blotzer is currently touring with RATT for their 2017 tour around the United States.