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As to whether an FUE hair transplant causes scarring, the answer to this is yes. If a hair transplant is planned correctly, there shouldn't be a visible scar. Every modern surgical method for hair restoration does cause scarring. We'll discuss the potential appearance and size of hair transplant FUE scars and strategies for concealing them.

Do FUE Hair Transplant Leave Scars?

Indeed, scarring is unavoidable after a hair transplant, even with the most cutting-edge methods. Improving your appearance and restoring your self-esteem are always positive outcomes of surgery, but there is always the risk of scarring and a lengthy recovery period.

Despite its efficacy in treating conditions like male pattern baldness and a receding hairline, FUE hair transplant leaves some small scars that can go unnoticed once the hair grows. The surgeon will shave the donor area very close to the scalp before the FUE hair transplant procedure begins. 

An essential aspect of a successful FUE hair transplant is that it does not result in noticeable scarring. And as a result, there will be tiny FUE hair transplant scars in the donor area, no bigger than a millimeter, where each hair follicle was taken. These can be hidden when the hair reaches a grade of 1 or 2 lengths. 

Those who undergo surgery at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration (BHHR) can rest assured that they will not be left with unsightly scars. Because of this, we are among the best hair transplant clinics in LA.

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Why Do Hair Transplants Leave Scars?

Here are some popular hair transplant methods and why they leave scars behind.

1. FUT

Follicular Unit Transplantation was the first method of hair transplantation before the more modern FUE procedures became the norm. Surgeons perform "strip harvesting," a process that involves cutting out a narrow band of scalp containing hair follicles from the back of the patient's head. If stitches are used to close the incisions made during the procedure, a scar resembling a line will remain even if you choose to keep your head shaved afterward. However, if you keep your hair long, the wounds from the procedure won't be noticeable.

2. FUE

FUE is an alternative to stripping hair follicles from the donor region of the scalp. Slits of skin with numerous hair follicles are removed, and the skin is then stitched back together. This more recent method of hair transplantation has quickly gained ground in the past two decades.

You may observe scarring when your head is shaven, just as you would after the FUT hair transplant procedure. However, the scarring will be much less noticeable and severe in this case. You can still expect FUE hair transplant scars to form in the areas where hair was removed for the transplant as the wounds heal. Wear a guard during the first few months to conceal these spots while your hair is growing and recovering.

Are the scars from hair transplants permanent?

The scars left by a hair transplant are, unfortunately, irreversible. Some can be hidden by existing hair, as with hair transplantation. This makes it simple to conceal hair transplant scars. However, hair transplant surgery results in minimal scarring if performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. This means that the FUE hair transplant scars will be hidden entirely from view. So, invest in a good and reputable hair clinic like Beverly hills Hair Restoration Clinic that won't scar you for life! Always go for a hair transplant clinic that has competent doctors and technicians. Avoid cheap clinics that advertise hair transplant surgery and guarantee excellent results.

Removal of Hair Transplant Scars

The FUT procedure leaves a noticeable scar, but there are ways to minimize it. There is no assurance that scarring won't remain after attempting these methods. Don't worry; it's only natural for your scalp to lose elasticity. This can alter the appearance of the scar left by the scalp reduction procedure.

Certain medications can reduce the thickness of scar tissue, making this a possible option in some cases. Alternatively, the FUE hair transplant technique could graft hair follicles onto a FUT scar. The extent to which this remedy is successful depends on the depth of the scar.

Scarred skin and healthy skin both have a chance of rejecting the grafts. If you want to know if this method will work for you, our hair restoration doctors are here to help.

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Before undergoing an FUE hair transplant, it is crucial to find a competent and experienced surgeon. Consult our Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic (BHHR) doctor to learn more about our acclaimed hair restoration service. Our advanced, scar-free hair removal procedures are a point of pride at the BHHR clinic. However, if scarring already exists, we can assist you in removing it through various tried and true cosmetic procedures and other means.

We can help you avoid FUE hair transplant scars if you call us at 310.289.0901 or schedule an appointment today to discuss options for hair restoration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Smart FUE procedure will take approximately four to seven hours, depending on the session size. During this time, you are more than welcome to take breaks. We also take multiple breaks and provide lunch.

You can wear a hat the day after the Smart FUE procedure. Wash the scalp 2-3 days after the procedure. No heavy lifting for a week. Ten days after the Smart FUE procedure, we will inspect the incision and grafting area to ensure the healing process is accomplished.

In the same way, we cannot predict how many grafts you will need, we cannot predict how much the Smart FUE procedure will cost. BHHR takes pride in customizing treatment plans, and that includes the pricing.