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Hair Transplant Consultation

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John Kahen, MD
Hair Transplant Specialist


Discover one of the masters of hair transplant technology. Introducing Award-Winning Celebrity hair transplant specialist Dr. John Kahen, whose SmartPRP® hair restoration technique has changed the way hair restoration is done today. A true pioneer of the SmartPRP® hair restoration procedure. Dr. Kahen is highly respected by his elite community of plastic surgeons around the globe. Dr. Kahen is in high demand and aggressively pursued for his advancements in hair restoration science. That's the reason many clients from other states like Seattle, Chicago, and New York come to LA for hair restoration services. 

Award Winning Results

Results are crucial to the process of hair transplant surgery. Not even six months after their hair transplant, patients will see the results that set our clinic apart from the rest. We take pride in undetectable hair transplants that are both minimally invasive and nominally scarring for the patient. The results at BHHR are unparalleled, providing the patient with a head of hair they can be proud to show off as if they had never received a hair transplant at all.

Our impeccable results have been featured in prominent television channels such as E! Entertainment News, CNN, and BBC and we call ourselves the best hair restoration clinic in Los Angeles. Dr. John Kahen revolutionizes restoration therapy with his groundbreaking approach, as recognized by Forbes, paving the way for innovative advancements in the field of medical treatment. Also, according to a newswire report, he has been awarded a patent for SmartPRP. BHHR, as featured in the newswire, performs procedures with personalized guidance from founder Dr. John Kahen, who possesses leading expertise in handcrafting procedures with precise follicle alignment and natural hairline restoration. Dr. John Kahen and his team of physicians delicately treat each patient for precision and optimal results, as highlighted in the newswire article.

Our priority is the wellness of patients before, during, and after procedures. Our highly trained staff and physicians work together to accommodate each patient’s individual choice of treatment. Dr. Kahen is devoted to providing in-depth consultations for proper feedback with all his patients.   

Meet the BHHR Team

Dr. Kahen is one of a handful of hair transplant surgeons who performs his procedures with minimal assistance. He believes the results are based on the skills of an experienced surgeon. Dr. Kahen does not hire physician assistants or other non-experienced physicians or non-physicians to perform the procedure.

In comparison to most other hair transplant clinics that purchase an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) machine to act as a hair transplant center, however, they lack experience, which is shown through their results. The majority of the procedure, including the extraction of the follicles, FUE, is performed by Dr. Kahen. Dr. Kahen has the most experienced team of hair transplant physicians with over 40 years of combined experience. Hair transplant physicians serve a critical role in our clinic by utilizing the most advanced microscopes to visualize and prepare grafts for transplantation and provide high-quality control throughout the process. Every graft is double-checked for quality, counted, and documented by our physicians before being transplanted. 

How the Team is Involved?

Hair transplant physicians are with Dr. Kahen every step of the way. They perform many backroom activities necessary to make your procedure an excellent one! Working side by side with Dr. Kahen, physicians perform quality control in every hair graft abiding by the higher standards of Dr. Kahen.

Producing Hair Grafts

With the help of the most advanced microscopes, our physicians perform an up-close observation of hair follicles. They examine every graft to provide you with well-refined hair grafts for optimal growth.

More than 4000 grafts (over 9000 hairs) can be handled by our trained physicians. They all have acquired great skills in trimming hair grafts to ensure the highest survival rate. Every movement of our physicians displays the finesse we want our patients to experience to obtain optimal results.