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Numerous products are said to facilitate the growth of more hair or increase volume. The problem is, the majority of them give poor results. A hair transplant is the best method for increasing or adding hair to an area. You must be wondering how much a hair transplant Los Angeles cost. Well, there is no definite price. You will have to pay for both treatment and recovery, and the two have several things that will influence the final hair transplant price.

Meaning of A Hair Transplant

‘How much is a hair transplant?’ This question must be on your mind right now, but we must first understand what it is. It’s a surgical procedure that involves moving hair from one area to fill another area with no or thin hair. In the US, medical professionals have been performing transplants since the 1950s, but ways of doing it have greatly changed over the past few years.

The process happens in the office of a doctor. 

The surgeon will first inject a medicine that numbs your head’s back after cleaning your scalp. The transplant can be done using these two techniques: follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS).

If it’s FUSS, your doctor gets rid of a 6 to 10-inch bit of skin from your head’s back. He then puts it aside and stitches up the scalp area where the strip was removed. The hair around that area hides the sewn part.

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Kinds of Hair Transplants

Much has changed since the 1970s when you were left resembling a doll after using a single hair transplant method. Doctors placed clusters of hairs known a “hair plugs” to parts of the scalp with thin hair.

Most men experienced balding towards the front of their heads, so these plugs (consisting of clumps of hair) could easily be seen in these parts, especially in short haircuts.

But hair transplant procedures have undergone massive changes since the 1990s. Today, there are two major techniques: FUE Hair Transplant and FUT Hair Transplant. 

1. FUT Hair Transplant

Your doctor removes a strip of healthy hair from an area of your head, normally around the back because it’s not easily visible. The stripped part is attached to the thinning area of the scalp. The downside with FUT is that a scar is left. It’s something you should think about if you are a short haircut person. 

2. FUE Hair Transplant

This is a fairly new technique in the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration where single hair follicles or singular follicular units are removed and placed in the head’s affected area. Doctors employ tiny “micro punches” to get rid of hair from the scalp without living any big scars. This method clearly takes longer than FUT hair transplant, and it’s the ideal technique if the area to be transplanted is small. 

Hair Restoration Cost

How much is a hair transplant? As we mentioned earlier, hair implant cost isn’t specific and is usually around the $4,000-$15,000 range. And you will have to pay this from your pocket as most insurance companies see it as a cosmetic process.

Numerous factors determine the cost of a hair transplant. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Residence-what the surgeon charges can be depended on the average cost of living and the number of surgeons around an area.
  2. The kind of technique you go for There are different prices for the two types of hair transplants: FUE Hair Transplant and FUT Hair Transplant.
  3. A surgeon’s experience-this is an important factor to consider. If the surgeon is good at what they do, the charges will probably be higher. However, this doesn’t mean they will do the job perfectly, so do thorough research before settling on one.
  4. The amount of hair o be transplanted-this is pretty straightforward. If you want to add hair to the entire scalp, you will pay more than someone who needs a few patches.
  5. Cost of travel - to get the best hair transplant doctor, you may need to travel longer distances. Although the surgeon won’t charge for this, it’s important to consider it since it will be part of your expenses.

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Costs Of Recovering From A Hair Transplant

After paying for treatment, some of the recovery costs you may need to pay for include:

  • Antibiotics to avoid getting infected easily
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs to decrease swelling at the affected areas
  • Pain drugs for immediate recovery

The most common issue that you will face is an infection, and it will require treatment. This, together with surgeon’s visits and medications, are additional expenses.

Complications Of Hair Transplants

Your doctor will talk with you about these potential issues caused by a hair transplant procedure:

  • Problems with anesthesia
  • Scarring
  • Heart issues during the procedure
  • Formation of cysts at the suture area
  • Swelling and pain
  • Patient discontent
  • Infection
  • Bleeding

Post-Surgical Care And Time Taken To Recover

Note that the costs are also physical. There’s the risk of bandages sticking to the wounds when removing them, so you need to be careful while at it. Also, if patients experience swelling in both the transplant and origin parts-you doctor may provide steroids to reduce this swelling.

Hair can be washed gently 2-3 days after the hair transplant process, but you will be advised against putting on pullover shirts (including t-shirts) for a couple of weeks. You may also be required to begin a topical monoxidil regimen post-surgery. However, you’ll need to adhere to the doctor’s rules because topical products are known to irritate the surgical areas.

The time it takes to recover is different for FUE and FUT. With the FUE hair transplant Los Angeles, the surgical sites will heal in a week or two, and you can resume your normal physical activities. On the other hand, FUT procedures usually take two to three weeks before you can go back to your usual physical activities.

Hair Transplants Alternatives

For people who are thinking about doing a hair transplant or can’t afford one, there are many alternatives that don’t involve surgery. These treatment options can help, though they aren’t as efficient as surgical hair transplants. They include:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (SmartPRP®) SmartPRP® – Smart PRP hair treatment Los Angeles is a cutting-edge technology that utilizes the regenerative effects of the body’s natural blood platelets. It’s a non-surgical technique suitable for both genders and stimulates the growth of beautiful, healthy, and strong hair follicles. This is our main hair restoration procedure, and we ensure that each of our patient’s SmartPRP® treatments is customized.
  • Low-level laser therapy – Triggers cellular activity to treat hair loss in both men and women. Able to strengthen weak hair and facilitates hair retention.
  • Finasteride (Propecia) tablets – if used consistently for six months, it can remedy pattern baldness in both genders.
  • Minoxidil (Rogaine) – Both genders can use it, and it doesn’t require a prescription to buy.


Hair transplants don’t come cheap, particularly when you consider that the results may not be what you expected. It’s vital that you do some research if you have the cash to pay for the procedure. To ensure you have a good idea of the expected cost and get the right doctor to conduct it, schedule a free consultation. And if you discover that a certain expert surgeon charges more, consider using them. They may seem expensive but could be the ones who can provide the best treatment.

Remember that regarding initial hair transplant costs, a lot of health centers provide financial or payment plans to ensure that more people can access the treatment.

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