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Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is the ideal hair loss treatment facility if you want to address any hair-related issues. We have highlighted below some of the images that show hair transplant results before and after.

For years now, we have been offering miraculous hair restoration results to numerous patients who walk into our clinic seeking hair-related treatments. We work with the best hair physicians in Beverly Hills who are highly skilled and capable of performing personalized hair transplant surgery based on the patient’s restoration goals. Our patients always get detailed insights into hair transplants before and after the procedure is performed.

Transgender Hair Transplant

Regarding hairlines, the position and shape of male and female hairlines vary. There are many critical traits involved when performing a hair transplant procedure. Male pattern hair loss is more distressing to MTF transgender persons because the hair loss appears like a man’s, due to the undesired male phenotype. A significant challenge occurs when a surgeon is trying to complete a male to female transgender hair transplant in a bald spot or receded MTF hairline in the crown.

Although wigs and hairpieces may be worn to hide this particular male pattern baldness, but they don’t offer the permanent solution that many people with this problem are looking for. Many trans women desire real hair growing in their scalps because it allows them to style their hair the direction they want.

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Experts

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is a powerhouse for offering advanced hair restoration treatments in Los Angeles, including transgender hair restoration. Since male and female hairlines differ, it poses a great challenge to transgender patients undergoing transgender hair transplant procedures. But this doesn’t intimidate Dr. John Kahen, who uses his technical skills and artistry to deliver excellent results. This is what makes him the best hair restoration surgeon in Los Angeles, with numerous FTM transgender hair transplants and MTF hair regrowth to his credit.

You can go through our patient stories and the results from transgender hair transplant treatments they’ve received. Your hair, your choice!

Below we provide some results of hair transplant before and after.