Best Hair Transplant
Doctor in Los Angeles

Dr. John Kahen, MD

Best Hair Transplant <br>Doctor in Los Angeles

Actual BHHR Patient
Individual results may vary.

Dr. Kahen has been a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery since 2007. Recognized as the Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Los Angeles, his expertise and innovative techniques have transformed countless lives.

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Best Hair Transplant <br>Doctor in Los Angeles

Actual BHHR Patient
Individual results may vary.

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Professional Journey

Early Education and Background

  • Early Graduation: Completed high school in California at 15 due to exceptional academic talent.
  • Undergraduate Achievement: Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychobiology from UCLA.
  • Medical Degree: Graduated from Ross University School of Medicine, laying the groundwork for a surgery and patient care career.

Transition to Hair Transplant

  • General Surgery Training: Completed internships and residencies at North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital and Beth Israel Hospital in NYC.
  • Top Performance: Scored in the top percentile on the American Board of Surgery in-service examinations.
  • Organ Transplant Specialization: I gained specialized training in organ transplant surgery at NYU.
  • Surgical Expertise: Developed a deep understanding of complex surgical procedures, honing his skills in meticulous surgical work.

Defining Excellence as a Best Hair Transplant Doctor

  • Dedicated Specialization: He chose to exclusively practice hair transplant surgery, applying his surgical expertise to the field.
  • Innovation in Treatment: Invented the SmartPRP® technique, significantly enhancing hair restoration outcomes.
  • Industry Pioneer: He became a leading figure in the hair restoration doctor's field, known for his innovative approach and dedication to patient care.
  • Founding Beverly Hills Hair Restoration: Establishing the hair transplant clinic was pivotal in Dr. Kahen's career. It set a new standard for the best hair transplant doctor, focused on cutting-edge technology and personalized patient care.

Innovations and Contributions to Hair Restoration



By integrating advanced medical technologies with a personalized approach, Dr. Kahen has not only transformed hair transplantation practices but also positively impacted the lives of many, restoring not just hair but confidence and well-being. 


Recognitions and Media Features as Best Hair Transplant Doctor

Memberships & Affiliations


  • "Aesthetic Award" Laureate: Celebrated for three consecutive years, this award highlights Dr. Kahen's talent for achieving aesthetically superior, natural-looking hair transplant results.
  • Professional Acclaims: Honored by esteemed hair restoration and medical organizations, Dr. Kahen's innovative patient care and surgical techniques have been recognized as exemplary.

Media Appearances

  • Mainstream Media Features: Dr. Kahen's work has captivated audiences on platforms like the New York Times and notable television networks, spotlighting his significant achievements in hair transplantation.
  • Health and Wellness Prominence: Featured in various health-related publications and online platforms, Dr. Kahen shares his expertise, reinforcing his role as an educational leader.
  • Celebrity Hair Transplant Doctors: Dr. John Kahen, renowned for his expertise in hair restoration, has garnered attention as one of the top-rated celebrity hair transplant doctors. His notable work and innovative techniques have been featured in various media outlets, showcasing his skill and dedication to achieving natural-looking results for his high-profile clients.
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Through his recognition and media features, Dr. Kahen continues to shape the public's understanding of hair restoration, promoting awareness of the latest innovations in the field and inspiring confidence in individuals considering these life-changing procedures.


Philosophy on Patient Care

Personalized Approach:

Community Engagement:

Dr. Kahen's patient care philosophy, marked by a personalized approach and community involvement, establishes him as an expert in hair transplant and a deeply committed healthcare provider. His dedication reaches beyond aesthetic excellence to foster long-term relationships and community well-being.

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