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Posted on : June 07, 2023 | Category : Hair Transplant | Author: Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Team

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A characteristic of youth is naturally thick, beautiful hair. It can also be utilized to display uniqueness and personal style. As a result, the entire appearance, not to mention self-confidence, may suffer when the hairline starts to recede or the hair thins and falls out. Patients fly worldwide to have hair transplants, making it one of the most common medical operations. Over 620,000 people travelled abroad for surgical hair transplants in 2022 alone, according to ISHRS. 

However, one of the main concerns for those thinking about a hair transplant is frequently the cost. Insurance will only cover a hair transplant's cost if specific and unique problems exist. Knowing the price of a hair transplant beforehand is helpful for people who wish to organize their finances.

To assist you in understanding what to expect when choosing this type of procedure, we'll quickly compare the cost of hair restoration surgery in New York and Los Angeles in this article. We'll also examine why people prefer one city to satisfy their cosmetic needs.

What factors influence the cost of a hair transplant?

The hair transplant cost is mostly determined by the amount of hair that must be transferred to obtain the desired results. Geographic location, the type of procedure selected, and the surgeon's qualifications and experience are other factors that can affect the price of a hair transplant. In today's modern world, a hair transplant medical treatment can be performed in any country worldwide. However, the cost varies by country. The following factors influence hair transplant costs:

Country or Location

The clinic's location significantly influences the price of your hair transplant. This is because costs associated with running a hair loss clinic change depending on the region due to variations in labor, facility costs, equipment, supply costs, etc. Overall, it can make sense for a patient to have hair transplant surgery in Los Angeles if local expenses in New York are much higher than average.

Stages of Hair Loss

The number of follicular units required for the hair transplant operation is one of the most critical elements influencing the cost of any hair transplant surgery. Each person is different and requires a different amount of hair restoration. Dr. John Kahen of BHHR will analyze your hair loss level during your initial appointment and set reasonable expectations. You will also get the opportunity to discuss your goals and desired look, which will aid in determining the most effective procedural approach to the fullness you seek. Pricing is mainly determined by the Norwood classification or Stage of Baldness, which runs from Type I to VII.

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Procedure and Techniques Adopted

The majority of hair loss professionals employ the conventional FUT hair transplant technique. A professional hair restoration clinic, like Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Los Angeles, would provide patients with as many solo or combined operations as are necessary to customize care to a patient's needs. Beverly Hills, California, has a highly regarded surgeon and hair transplant expert named Dr. John Kahen. He is also the creator of the Smart PRP Treatment invention, which has helped surgeons produce outstanding hair restoration outcomes. Platelet-rich plasma therapy, often known as PRP, is used to cure hair loss by injecting plasma into the scalp. Weak or inactive hair follicles are stimulated by plasma. This process does not involve hair transplant surgery. 

Moreover, the initial instrumentation for the most cutting-edge Robotic Hair Restoration procedure was developed with assistance from Dr. Kahen. Dr. John Kahen was also one of the first medical professionals to use this technology. In this surgery, the hair transplant procedure is entirely automated. Healthy hair follicles are removed from the donor areas of the scalp and placed in the thinning areas of the recipient area using a robotic arm. Do your research to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each choice and select the best one for you. We'll advise and help you determine which action will get you the closest to your specific goal.

Quality of the Clinic

A clinic's amenities, instruments, and technology should all be considered when choosing a facility for hair transplant surgery. These variables will impact the cost of the surgery, your safety, and the result of the outcomes. The caliber of the surgeon and staff will also be reflected in the caliber of the clinic. Your health is essential, so a clinic should be set up to handle any medical procedure with the most modern technology and in the best environment possible.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration recommends clients focus on quality above price and choose a facility or surgeon specializing in hair transplants. This team takes pride in offering cutting-edge technology in a safe and contemporary environment. Our clinics are among the best in the field, and patients and medical professionals hold them in high respect.

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What is the cost of hair transplants?

The hair transplant cost can vary significantly based on several variables, including the degree of hair loss and the clinic's location. The average price range for the surgery is between $4,000 and $15,000. The cost may also vary depending on the type of hair transplant performed, such as FUE Hair Transplant or FUT Hair Transplant. However, for many people dealing with hair loss, the cost of a hair transplant is well worth it to regain their self-esteem. Consulting a trustworthy and skilled hair transplant specialist is crucial to determining the best course of action and price for your particular requirements.

Cost of Hair Transplant in New York

  • Strip Procedure Fees each Session (FUT): $5-$10 for each graft, depending on the amount
  • Scalp to scalp Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): $10 per graft 

The transplant cost is calculated on a "per graft" basis based on the individual's hair restoration requirements. Finally, the cost of the procedure is determined by the number of hair grafts extracted and transplanted.

Cost of Hair Restoration in BHHR, Los Angeles

Depending on the amount, the strip procedure (FUT) costs $4-$8 for each graft.

FUE Hair Transplant costs between $8 and $10 for each graft.

An excellent tailored hair replacement system costs around $1,200 on average and should be updated once a year. Furthermore, a hair replacement system requires regular maintenance and reattachment every 5 to 6 weeks, costing around $75 per visit or $675 per year.

$1,200 + $675 (yearly upkeep) = $1,875

The cost will be discussed in greater detail during your free hair transplant consultation when determining the extent of your hair transplant procedure.

Should You Go to New York or Los Angeles for a Hair Transplant?

Although hair transplants can be performed in New York and Los Angeles, knowing their advantages and disadvantages is essential. Both locations offer fair prices, but Los Angeles has the best surgeons and higher quality standards. In contrast to hospitals in other locations, Los Angeles hospitals use cutting-edge technology to deliver the best patient outcomes, encouraging people to travel to LA for the best hair restoration results.

If you're looking for top-notch clinics with luxurious facilities in Los Angeles, go no further than Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. Dr. John Kahen of Beverly Hills, California, is the world's most renowned hair transplant surgeon. He is one of the few hair transplant surgeons who performs his surgeries with the least assistance. He has implanted over 20 million follicles and finished hundreds of hair transplant procedures. Dr. Kahen has worked hard to advance the science of hair restoration and is in high demand.

Bottom Line

When estimating the price of a hair transplant in New York City, prospective patients should look at the caliber of the clinic and its staff and the level of customization provided during the transplantation process. The best clinics offer their clients a selection of hair transplant treatment options and can even combine different techniques to get the best outcome for each patient. To receive the most outstanding care and be satisfied with the approach's results, clients should seriously consider taking advantage of the consultation process.

Remember that you can get a better Hair Transplant in Beverly Hills than in New York.

Embark on the journey to a fuller head of hair today by scheduling your free hair transplant consultation at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. Call us at 310.289.0901 or visit our hair transplant clinic for more information. We're here to help you achieve the natural-looking results you deserve.