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prp hair cost

Male and female hair loss are treated with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), also referred to as platelet mesotherapy. PRP therapy uses platelet-rich plasma growth factors to promote hair growth and restore thick hair. It can be used alone or in conjunction with a hair transplant. This new procedure for hair restoration uses platelet-rich plasma. It recovers quickly and yields top-notch outcomes. The first question many ask is, "How much does PRP hair treatment cost?" Let's examine some variations in PRP hair cost so you may make plans in advance.

Factors Affecting the Price of PRP Therapy

The price of PRP therapy varies substantially from one place to another. Each patient pays different bills, not even inside the same facility. Some of the elements that affect the price of PRP hair loss treatments include the following:

1. Geographic Location

Your clinic's location significantly impacts how much your medical hair loss treatment will cost. Because some places have higher living expenses than others, you might be charged more at the clinic there. This results from their higher operating costs, which impact the cost of therapies. For the best services, speak with Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic specialists. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration staff is always on hand to provide high-quality hair care.

2. The Doctor's Experience

If your PRP for hair loss therapy is carried out by licensed medical personnel, especially a board-certified physician with years of experience, you should be prepared to pay more. A physician with excellent training and expertise will bill more for PRP than a physician without less. But remember that while a professional doctor may charge a hefty fee, the reward is even more significant: healthy hair and long-lasting effects!

3. The Required Number of Sessions 

The price of PRP therapy varies according to the necessary number of sessions. As the number of sessions rises, so does the PRP hair cost. The patient's level of baldness, among other things, affects how many treatments are necessary.

4. The Clinic's Reputation

The PRP treatment hair cost is likely higher in a reputed clinic. A good clinic with state-of-the-art equipment will charge more for PRP therapy than a less reputable hair clinic.

5. Equipment Used

The cost of modern equipment is more than that of older models. If your doctor employs newer and more sophisticated technology equipment in a clinic, you should plan to pay more. This is advantageous because faster, safer, and more effective treatments are typically associated with superior equipment.

6. Nutritive Components

For some individuals' plasma is deficient in platelets. If you fall into this category, your doctor can suggest adding nutritional supplements to your plasma. This will increase the amount you must pay for PRP.

7. Medical Professionalism

You might pay more if your doctor is considered an authority in their field, but doing so ensures that you'll get better care from a hair loss specialist with a long list of satisfied patients.

8. Practice Location

PRP hair treatment cost in Los Angeles depends on various variables, including the cost of rent in the patient's city and neighbourhood, the demand for PRP therapy, and the availability of qualified providers. 

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The Cost of PRP Injections: How Much Does PRP Hair Treatment Cost?

One of the pressing concerns about PRP injections Los Angeles is the cost of treatment. Many people have serious concerns about this, but being well-informed can help you get ready for treatment when the time comes. We will try to break down the price even though several variables affect it.

Now, there is question that what is the cost of PRP injections. So, the cost for a single injection can range from $400 to $1300. The standard of the materials employed and the site of treatment both affect it. Three injections are needed every month and a half until the main cycle is finished. Every four to six months after that, you will need to start a new course of treatment. 

This is because you need to get maintenance injections regularly to keep your hair from thinning or disappearing entirely. Most likely, each set would cost between $1,200 and $4,000 overall. Never forget to contact your insurance company before starting this treatment plan. Some insurance providers won't pay for the procedure's costs because they view them as purely cosmetic.

What Advantages Does PRP Therapy Offer?

Here are some advantages of PRP hair treatment:

  • Makes hair dense
  • Enhances the hair's texture
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Safe because platelets are extracted from your blood and don't contain any chemicals, platelets are safe to use
  • Short recovery times
  • High-performance non-operative treatment
  • Used with stem cell therapy to increase the effectiveness of treatment

Is PRP Hair Loss Therapy Effective?

PRP hair treatment is an entirely non-invasive treatment with no unfavorable side effects. It will lessen hair loss and quicken the hair's growth phase. Additionally, it changes the patient's hair's volume or density, giving them a new appearance.

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What Is the Recovery Time for PRP Hair Treatment?

There is little recovery time needed because PRP treatment does not involve surgery. After receiving PRP therapy, patients can immediately return to their routine. The scalp may have a small amount of inflammation or redness, which will likely go away in a few days. Medication can be resumed the following day after consulting with a doctor. One may even go back to work the next day. The next day, you can continue your laser therapy treatments. For 72 hours (3 days) following surgery, you should refrain from coloring your hair.

What Makes Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic in Los Angeles the Best for PRP Treatment?

  • We are committed to offering effective, individualized hair restoration procedures that are easy on clients.
  • We pinpoint the root cause of your hair loss. Then, for a successful outcome, identify the best course of action.
  • Each client who visits us is confident they will get good results because we employ cutting-edge hair restoration techniques.
  • The best thing about our service is that we don't sacrifice our hair restoration treatment's quality to offer it at a low price.
  • At our state-of-the-art clinic, we make sure you receive professional and result-driven hair restoration care.


Our Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic team's expertise in performing surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures is unmatched. Dr. John Kahen is a licensed physician with experience in facial and scalp anatomy and procedures. We use the ground-breaking, needle-free, pain-free method for regrowth at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. After treatment, we've never had a patient complain of pain, redness, or swelling. Call us today to learn more about PRP hair cost at our clinic and book an appointment

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