SMART FUE infuses Dr. Kahen’s SMART PRP® with every transplant, creating the perfect environment for the newly implanted hair follicles to flourish, allowing your own hair to be the healthiest it’s ever been. Infusion of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into the scalp during the hair restoration procedure is a patented technique and process and is proprietary of BHHR and Dr. John Kahen, the innovator.

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration the majority of the procedure (including the extraction of the follicles – FUE) is exclusively performed by the esteemed Dr. Kahen. We believe excellent results come from an extremely talented surgeon. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we only acquire the most professional talent to ensure Smart FUE procedures are done with superior efficiency. Restoring not only your hair but confidence as well!

Dr. Kahen combines unique artistry and modern, hair restoration science with every Smart FUE procedure. With over 12 years of experience with manual Smart FUE, his high-yield grafting techniques allow you to possess dense, healthy hair, duplicating your own natural growth pattern. Resulting in an organically appearing head of hair. Smart FUE is the best option for patients of all ages, especially popular, because of its lack of linear scarring.

“Hair Restoration is an artform. With Smart FUE, every step is crucial to the masterful completion of the piece. By doing each step from the punches, to the extraction to the site creation, the surgeon becomes the painter, and the patient becomes the painting. That is why I believe it is critical that the surgeon be the one to master each step. I am proud to say that with each procedure I am the one ensuring my patients all appear as a walking work of art!”

- Dr. John Kahen


Follicular Unit Extraction

Smart FUE is minimally invasive restoration procedure that involves harvesting individual hair grafts, from the patient’s scalp, and transplanting them into the desired areas. This is an amazing option for you if you are seeking a significant increase in your hair density. The process includes:

The Smart FUE treatment plan is strategically mapped out, and the markings are created to guide you to your goals. Typically, the donor area is shaved into a high fade or military style haircut. The harvest site is then numbed with a local anesthesia. 

Extracting the follicles is a critical part of the FUE process, requiring a great deal of skill and precision. Dr. Kahen is one of the few doctors that actually does this step himself.
During the extraction process, Dr. Kahen will extract individual grafts with a miniscule excision 1mm or less in size, which produce minimal scarring and allow flexibility in post-treatment hairstyles. This conscientious process is repeated until the optimal amount of grafts have been harvested. This process typically takes 2-4 hours.

After the follicles are inspected, counted, and passed through rigorous quality control, the recipient area is prepped with platelet-rich plasma. The patients blood will be ran through our Tru DoseA® machine, so we can effectively determine the amount of PRP needed to ensure maximum results. This process creates the perfect environment for the implanted and native hair follicles. This revolutionary technique sets us apart from any other hair transplant clinic and delivers the maximum result.

The grafts are then examined under a microscope by our highly experienced techs and counted. Anesthesia is again applied to the donor area and the recipient area. Once the grafts are prepped Dr. Kahen will use his artistry to create the recipient sites for the grafts.
Dr. Kahen uses his keen attention to detail and his artistic mind to control the orientation, depth, and distribution of the grafts. This crucial process determines how the hair will grow in to deliver the most natural results. After the recipient sites are created, Dr. Kahen's expert team will carefully place the grafts into the sites.


No linear scarring, No stitches, Quick recovery, and Minimally invasive! Patients with low - cropped hair benefit most from this procedure.



10 months before and after pics of a patient with successful Smart FUE results. Dr. Kahen precisely executed 2345 manual Smart FUE grafts, using minuscule punch size on African American hair.


This younger patient with significant thinning in the crown, wanted more density and the option of wearing his hair short in the future. Dr. Kahen carefully performed 2480 grafts via the manual Smart FUE method. After pics are 1 year later.


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE )

Will I Be Awake?


Yes! The Smart FUE hair restoration procedure is done under local anesthesia similar. We give oral anti-anxiety medication such as Valium or Xanax if desired.

Will I Have Discomfort?


The Smart FUE procedure is performed under local anesthesia with little to no discomfort.

How Many Grafts Will I Need? 


The number of grafts each patient needs, depends on their personal hair goals. During the Smart FUE consultation, we’ll be able to see how many grafts are needed for your Smart FUE procedure.

How Long is the Procedure?


The Smart FUE procedure will take approximately four to seven hours, depending on the size of the session. During this time, you are more than welcomed to take breaks. We also take multiple breaks and provide lunch.

What is Recovery Like? 


You can wear a hat the day after the Smart FUE procedure. Wash the scalp 2-3 days after the procedure. No heavy lifting for a week. Ten days after the Smart FUE procedure we’ll inspect the incision and grafting area to make sure the healing process is advancing properly. We follow up every 3-6 months after the Smart FUE procedure. If you are traveling, the follow ups are performed over HIPPA regulator video chat.

How Much Does it Cost?


The same way we can’t predict how many grafts you will need, we can’t predict how much the Smart FUE procedure will cost. BHHR takes pride in customizing treatment plans, and that includes the pricing.

Do You Offer Financing?


The Smart FUE procedure can be paid with cash, bank check, credit card, or financing plans. We accept Lending Club and Care Credit both offer financing. Zero % percentage financing is also available.


Keep Your Follicles

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