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Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is among the best FUE hair restoration clinic in Los Angeles. The perfect environment for hair regrowth is created when SMART FUE is infused with Dr. Kahen’s SmartPRP® in every hair transplant. This allows your hair to be healthier than it has ever been. During the hair restoration process, the infusion of Platelet Rich Plasma (SmartPRP®) into the scalp is a patented technology initiated by its innovator, Dr. John Kahen of BHHR.

Targeted Areas Of Fue Hair transplant

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, Dr. John Kahen can rectify the following areas using advanced hair restoration techniques such as Follicular Unit Extraction FUE :  

Hair line





Beard (Facial Area)



What is a Smart Fue
Hair Transplant?

SMART FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a hair restoration technique that is highly advanced. There are also no stitches involved and no linear scarring after the procedure. By infusing every hair transplant with Dr. Kahen’s SmartPRP®, SMART FUE creates the perfect environment for the implanted hair to grow. Most of the hair restoration procedures at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, including the follicular unit extraction FUE, are conducted exclusively by Dr. John Kahen.

We aim to restore not only your hair but also your confidence. The FUE hair transplant Los Angeles procedure replaces the old dormant follicles that have to grow with active hair follicles that grow. Once the hair transplant is done, blood vessels will start nourishing the hair follicles leading to hair growth in areas that have reduced hair.

How does Smart
FUE hair transplant work?

How does Smart FUE hair transplant work?

The Follicular Unit Extraction FUE hair transplant procedure involves the extraction of naturally occurring hair groups of one to four hairs. The extracted hair is then transplanted in targeted areas of the scalp that are experiencing thinning hair or balding. The first thing that Dr. Kahen will do is to harvest a particular number of grafts grouped between 1 to 4 hair strands. Typically, a device less than 1mm in diameter is used to extract the group of hairs from the back of the neck or the sides of the head. Once enough hair grafts are harvested, the surgeon prepares the recipient area, which is meant to receive the grafts. Hair implantation is done using a powerful stereo microscope.

Great caution is taken by our surgeon when implanting the hair grafts to ensure that they are placed at the right angle that replicates the flow of old hair growth to make it look as natural as possible. The removal of follicles on the donor area is done by a tiny punch tool. This procedure may leave scars but won’t be visible because they are also quite small. The patient won’t need any stitches.

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Methods of
FUE hair restoration

One significant setback of the follicular unit extraction hair transplant is that it takes a lot of time. The process of removing individual hair follicles is time-consuming because the surgeon needs to be extra careful not to damage the hair follicles. Obtaining all the grafts required in a hair transplant may take an entire day in an FUE hair transplant procedure. There is a lot of flexibility that comes with the FUE hair transplant california because a surgeon may choose where to extract graft hair and where to implant them. Another benefit of the FUE hair transplant procedure is that the surgeon can also determine the angle and depth of each hair transplant. An artistic eye and meticulous surgical skills are required when performing a hair transplant procedure. This is especially required in hair growth placement and patterns. Achieving the best possible results in an FUE hair restoration procedure requires the expertise of a highly-skilled surgeon. Since there are several methods of FUE hair restoration, you need to choose the best one.

Motorized Follicular Unit Extraction

The motorized follicular unit extraction involves freeing follicles using a motorized punch to extract them from their bed. Although the procedure sounds simple, it’s really not. What makes this procedure hard is the follicular extraction process. If the surgeon is not careful enough, the incising and extracting of follicles can go sideways. This happens when the sharp circular blade of the FUE punch refuses to fully enclose the follicle. This means that a part of it will be sliced. Dr. John Kahen is a master in the FUE procedure, and he lectures his technique to other hair restoration surgeons worldwide.

SmartGraft Hair Restoration

One of the most advanced and latest hair transplant techniques is called SmartGraft. The technique is a semi-automated version of the FUE hair transplant technique. The procedure involves using a motorized FUE punch to remove the hair follicles with a suction.

FUE hair transplant Procedure

fue transplant Procedure

As explained earlier, an FUE is a type of hair transplantation that harvests hair differently from the FUT procedure, but the implantation method is still the same. The sutureless hair treatment technique works when hair is removed or extracted from the back of the head. To prevent pain and discomfort during the process of harvesting graft hairs, local anesthesia is applied. The hair follicles are harvested using a special micro punch, and after that, the removed hair is implanted in the balding areas.

Just when the hair transplant is about to be done, the hair at the back of the head is trimmed to 1–2 mm in length. Afterward, the patient must lie on the operating table in a prone position. The surgeon will then apply local anesthesia made up of Xylocaine, 1% diluted with saline slowly over the entire donor area. Graft hair extraction is done using 0.8 and 1 mm special micro punches. The extraction of hair follicles does make under 2.5 – 5× magnification. The Smart FUE is a less invasive hair restoration procedure that is done by extracting hair from the donor region and transplanting it in the recipient area where hair loss occurs. Patients who want to increase their hair density will find this hair loss treatment option reliable. The process involves:

fue transplant Procedure

Prepping the donor site

The markings done are used to guide the surgeon on how the procedure is supposed to be done since the Smart FUE treatment plan is mapped out strategically. Usually, before hair graft harvesting begins, the donor area is shaved into a high-fade haircut. Local anesthesia is then used to numb the donor site.

Extracting the follicles

Since graft hair extraction is a critical part of the hair transplant procedure, great skills and expertise are required to perform it. One of the best hair restoration doctors, Dr. John Kahen, performs this procedure himself.

When harvesting hair follicles, Dr. Kahen uses a minuscule excision of 1mm or less in size to harvest individual follicles. This type of device allows flexibility in hairstyles once the patient heals and has less scarring. The process is repeated over and again until there are enough graft hairs to cover the recipient site. The hair harvesting process takes about 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size of the recipient area.

Prepping the area with SmartPRP®

The recipient area is prepared once the follicles are counted, inspected, and passed through quality control. The preparation is done using platelet-rich plasma. In order to achieve maximum results, the patient’s blood is passed through our Tru DoseA® machine, which is meant to determine the amount of SmartPRP® required in the procedure. The perfect environment is created to allow the implanted hair follicles to thrive. This patented technology makes us industry leaders and distinguishes us from other hair transplant clinics.

Prepping and implanting the grafts

We have highly experienced physicians who then use a microscope to examine the grafts while they are counted. The donor and the recipient area receive a dose of local anesthesia. Dr. Kahen then creates the recipient’s site using his artistry once the grafts are prepared. Dr. Kahen distributes the grafts in the recipient area with his artistic mind for controlling the orientation and attention to detail. This process determines how hair growth will occur for a more natural result. The harvested grafts are then placed into the recipient area once Dr. Kahen has finished preparing them.

How does Smart FUE hair transplant work?

Some of our Happy Customers

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration has a highly trained medical professional team providing outstanding results and individual care for every patient out there. Consequently, it won't come as a surprise when our patients speak to people about our services. Have a glance at some of the reviews mentioned by our clients below:

Benefits of
Smart Fue

If you have contemplated getting a hair transplant, follicular unit extraction (FUE) provides the best FUE hair transplant option to regrow strong and high-density hair. The technique also offers a more natural look compared to other procedures. Patients who want to get rid of the stigma that comes from losing hair will love our services. 

Our follicular unit extraction procedures are done by an experienced, world-class doctor - Dr. John Kahen. Our clients are always asked to engage with us for a no-obligation consultation that is done virtually. All our clients are guaranteed confidentiality and privacy once we engage with them. The FUE procedure at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic doesn’t utilize the strip technique of hair transplant. Instead, Dr. John Kahen extracts individual follicular units from the donor area, which hardly leaves any visible marks. 

Below are some of the benefits of FUE Hair Transplant:

    • Less pain, more gain
    • Fuller, thicker hair
    • Boosted confidence
    • Little (or no!) scarring
    • In-office procedure
    • Faster recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The Smart FUE hair restoration procedure is done under local anesthesia similar. We give oral anti-anxiety medication such as Valium or Xanax if desired.

The Smart FUE procedure is performed under local anesthesia with little to no discomfort.

The number of grafts each patient needs, depends on their personal hair goals. During the Smart FUE consultation, we will be able to see how many grafts are needed for your Smart FUE procedure.

The Smart FUE procedure will take approximately four to seven hours, depending on the size of the session. During this time, you are more than welcome to take breaks. We also take multiple breaks and provide lunch.

You can wear a hat the day after the Smart FUE procedure. Wash the scalp 2-3 days after the procedure. No heavy lifting for a week. Ten days after the Smart FUE procedure we will inspect the incision and grafting area to make sure the healing process is accomplished.

The Smart FUE procedure can be paid with cash, bank check, credit card, or financing plans. We accept Lending Club and Care Credit both offer financing. Zero % percentage financing is also available. Read more

The Smart FUE procedure can be paid with cash, bank check, credit card, or financing plans. We accept Lending Club and Care Credit both offer financing. Zero % percentage financing is also available.

The reason is a well-trained staff delivers extraordinary care to every patient, making it quite clear why many medical tourists choose BHHR as their go-to destination. We deal with clients from Seattle, Houston, Sacramento, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Florida, Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco, and many more. However, it’s not just the quality of care that attracts patients to our hair transplant clinic. It’s also the convenience and affordability of the procedures. Many patients from Western Europe and North America schedule their hair transplants at BHHR to avoid being put on a waiting list for procedures in their home countries. Additional factors that attract medical tourists include:

  • Lower healthcare costs.
  • The low prices of international travel.
  • The expertise of Dr. John Kahen.
  • The overall technological improvements at BHHR clinics.

About Beverly Hills <br>Hair Restoration

About Beverly Hills
Hair Restoration

With around 40 years of experience in cosmetic procedures, Dr. John Kahen has the most experienced technicians at Beverly Hills Hair restoration. Not only this, but he also has many scar-repairing cases to his credit. Also, he is one of the surgeons who has brought scalp micropigmentation into practice. However, his artistic sense has only helped him deliver the best possible results with scalp micropigmentation. The sole aim of BHHR is the well-being of patients before, during, and after the procedure. Therefore, Dr. Kahen and his physicians work together, taking into account individual preferences and other things while performing hair transplant procedures. Select BHHR, The Premier Hair Transplant Clinic And Seattle Hair Transplant Alternative

FUE Hair transplant procedure is the sure-shot remedy for you if you are looking for a quick-paced solution to hair loss. First, schedule your consultation with Dr. John Kahen by calling 310.289.0901. Then, enjoy the guaranteed and immediate results of our hair restoration treatment.

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