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A hair transplant procedure may go wrong sometimes or botched hair transplant results, and a corrective hair restoration surgery may be required. Read along to understand how Dr. John Kahen does it.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is a center of excellence for hair loss treatment. In the images below, you will see the before and after results of a hair transplant procedure.

Various people have come to us with hair-related problems, and we have provided them extraordinary results. Our medical team is composed of reputable and best hair physicians in Beverly Hills. We offer all patients who want to undergo a hair transplant surgery detailed insights on how the procedure will go, including before and after images.

Corrective Hair Transplant

Hair restoration is one of the best ways to rectify pattern hair loss in men and women. The past decade has noticed notable improvements in hair restoration techniques and treatments. The advanced technologies and techniques used nowadays are capable of producing more natural-looking long-lasting results. However, potential risks and complications are likely to occur, leading to undesirable results with unskilled hair restoration surgeons. Suppose you undergo a hair transplant surgery and are not happy with the results. In that case, you can easily ask for a corrective hair restoration surgery that produces a more natural-looking result.

Corrective Hair Restoration Surgery at BHHR

Dr. John Kahen has been in the frontline of all hair-related surgeries for over 15 years. This makes him a specialist in the hair restoration medical field, capable of easily detecting what went wrong during a hair transplant. Once he identifies the problem, he will carefully redesign a corrective hair transplant plan to rectify what went wrong during the hair transplant procedure. This helps to produce more natural-looking hair restoration results. A plan is created once he has pinpointed the mistake, and corrective hair restoration surgery will begin. This procedure is no different from any other hair transplant procedure done by Dr. John kahen.

Here are some results of Corrective hair transplant before and after   

patient1u before.jpg