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Beverly Hills Hair Restoration (BHHR)

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration (BHHR) is a World-Class Hair Transplant Clinic In Los Angeles committed to relieving their patients of suffering from hair loss, with innovative surgical and non-surgical techniques. Our Los Angeles Hair Clinic is the pioneer of PRP for hair restoration and one of the first in the world to rejuvenate follicles with PRP. We have innovated Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Stem cell technologies, such as SmartPRP® which has provided our patients with unmatched hair loss solutions.

Dr. John Kahen

John Kahen, MD
Hair Transplant Specialist

Discover one of the masters of hair transplant technology. Introducing Award-Winning Celebrity hair transplant specialist Dr. John Kahen, whose PRP hair restoration technique has changed the way hair restoration is done today. A true pioneer of the PRP hair restoration procedure. Dr. Kahen is highly respected by his elite community of plastic surgeons around the globe. Dr. Kahen is in high demand and aggressively pursued for his advancements in hair restoration science.

Patented Follicle Rejuvenation Formula Exclusive at BHHR Actual BHHR Patient.

Patented Follicle Rejuvenation Formula Exclusive at BHHR

Follicle rejuvenation technology and formula that provides the best results in hair rejuvenation. Our formula promotes faster healing and a healthier environment for growth of the follicles with or without a hair transplant.

Smart Graft Actual BHHR Patient.

Smart Graft

No Linear Scar. No Scalpel!

SmartGraft is the latest technology available for the FUE hair transplant on the market today. The lightweight extraction tool allows us to make even more precise actions in removing the hair follicles.

This state-of-the-art technology removes the hair grafts through suction, resulting in less trauma than previous hand FUE hair transplant methods.

Actual BHHR Patient.


Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration

As a leading expert and Pioneer of PRP, Dr. Kahen’s has created his own patented PRP technology that delivers results after just one session. Making Beverly Hills Hair Restoration the first choice in PRP hair restoration.

SmartPRP® is designed to strengthen and nourish implanted and non-implanted hair follicles. Only one treatment is necessary per year. Patients will experience greater follicle density, a stop to excessive shedding, and the healthiest hair they have ever had!

ScalpMicropigmentation (SMP) Actual BHHR Patient.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP)

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) is a solution for men and women suffering from general hair loss. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is one of the first hair transplant clinics in Los Angeles with over 10 years of experience to offer Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) 3D with mastered skills with our celebrity tattoo artist.

We are the one of the top Scalp and Eyebrow 3D Micropigmentation Specialists in Beverly Hills. This state of the art 3D technique used in conjunction with or without hair restoration procedure can mimic hair follicles. It is also used to camouflage hair transplant scar.

Beard Hair Transplant Actual BHHR Patient.

Beard Hair Transplant

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, Dr. Kahen offers the most advanced techniques to expertly restore mustache, beard, and side burn areas. Each treatment plan is customized to each individual patient's goals.

Dr. Kahen is a world renowned surgeon because of his precision and artistry with each transplant. Restoring not only your hair, but your confidence as well.

Hair Lowering Actual BHHR Patient.

Hair Lowering

The hair line lowering procedure is growing increasingly popular! Hairline lowering has been the solution for receding hairlines, forehead reduction, facial structuring, etc. We will plan your customized hairline lowering based on what looks natural and what will bring out your natural features.

Some reasons patients may consider hairline lowering are: Traction Alopecia, naturally high hairline, Transgender sex change or they may wish to change the shape of their face. It is possible to actually change the shape of the hairline, making it more oval or rounded by filling in the upper temporal/side regions.

Eyebrow Restoration Actual BHHR Patient.

Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrows play an essential role in overall facial aesthetics. When ideally shaped, they can highlight your natural features and define your eyes and facial structure..

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration eyebrow restoration has become increasingly popular with our female and male patients. This procedure is individually tailored to be as unique as you! Whether you are looking to add just a bit of volume, or reshape your entire brows, we have got you covered! Dr. Kahen makes sure that your eyebrows will appear natural ad beautiful.

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