Transgender Hair Transplant in Los Angeles

Transgender Hair Transplant  in Los Angeles

Actual BHHR Patient
Individual results may vary

Transgender hair transplant procedures at our clinic offer specialized solutions tailored to align with transgender individual's identity, ensuring natural-looking results and boosting confidence in their appearance transformation journey.

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Transgender Hair Transplant  in Los Angeles

Actual BHHR Patient
Individual results may vary

Hair Transplant Consultation

The most important solution to your hair loss starts with reserving your consultation.


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Transgender hair transplant is a specialized hair restoration method designed to help transgender people align their physical impressions more closely with their gender individuality. This surgery is tailored to meet the unique needs of transgender patients, who may face specific challenges due to hormonal changes and genetic patterns of hair loss that can affect their transition. Hair plays a vital role in gender expression, and hair loss can be particularly distressing for transgender individuals, potentially impacting their self-esteem and the authenticity of their gender presentation. Transgender hair transplant addresses these issues directly by reconstructing the hairline and increasing hair density in a way that affirms the patient’s gender identity. For transgender women, this might involve lowering the hairline to create a more typically feminine appearance.

Our hair transplant clinic utilizes advanced extraction and transplantation techniques, ensuring effective and natural results. This careful and compassionate approach supports transgender individuals in their journey, helping them feel more confident and comfortable in their skin. Such procedures are more than cosmetic enhancements; they are vital to gender affirmation.

What is transgender Hair Transplant?

What is transgender Hair Transplant?

A Transgender hair transplant is a type of hair restoration surgery explicitly designed for transgender patients. This surgery is designed to restore lost hair due to hormone replacement therapy, facial feminization surgery, or other hormone treatments. Unlike standard hair transplants, an MTF hair transplant focuses on crafting a feminine hairline and boosting hair density in thinned areas. The transgender hair transplant has become increasingly popular over the years as more transgender patients seek out this type of surgery to help them feel more comfortable in their skin.

The strategy typically involves extracting healthy hair follicles from thicker areas of the scalp or sometimes from other body parts and transplanting them to the target areas to promote natural-looking hair growth. This type of transplant not only addresses the aesthetic needs of transgender patients but also supports their psychological well-being by helping them feel more congruent with their gender identity.

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What is transgender Hair Transplant?

What areas we can treat with Transgender Hair Transplant?

Transgender hair transplant surgery is specifically tailored to address various areas of the scalp to support individuals in aligning their appearance with their gender identity. Here are the main areas targeted by the transplant:

 Thinning areas of the scalp

Thinning areas of the scalp

Bald patches

Bald patches

Receding hairlines

Receding hairlines

TOO high hairlines

TOO high hairlines

How does Transgender Hair Transplant Procedure Work?

Transgender hair transplant surgeries, including MTF hair transplant procedures at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, are highly specialized treatments designed to meet the unique aesthetic and psychological needs of transgender individuals desiring to align their physical impression with their gender identity. These surgeries are not just about restoring hair but are a transformative part of the gender affirmation process.

Initial Consultation and Planning

This initial stage involves a free consultation with Dr. John Kahen to understand the patient's goals, desires, and expectations from the transplant. He will assess the hair loss pattern and explore potential hairline shapes and densities that best suit the patient's facial features and gender expression. This planning is crucial for setting realistic expectations and crafting a personalized surgical plan.

Donor Area Selection

The success of a transgender hair loss treatment depends mainly on the quality of the donor's hair. For transgender patients, selecting the right donor area is critical. The donor site, typically chosen at the back or sides of the head where hair is most resistant to balding, is evaluated for density and hair quality. Ensuring the donor area is healthy and plentiful is essential for a successful outcome.

Follicle Extraction

Extraction of Hair Follicles uses one of two techniques based on the patient's needs.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction: In FUE, each follicular unit is harvested directly from the scalp using a small, round punch tool. This method leaves no linear scar, allows faster recovery, and is ideal for patients who prefer shorter haircuts or wish to minimize visible scarring.
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation: FUT involves removing a strip of scalp from the selected areas, which is then dissected under a microscope into individual hair units. This technique is efficient for achieving a high volume of grafts in one session and generally results in a thin linear scar that can be hidden under longer hair.

Implantation of Follicles

The final and perhaps most artistic part is implanting the follicles into the recipient area. Dr. Kahen places each follicle at a specific angle and direction that mimics natural hair growth patterns. This step is crucial for a natural-looking result that aligns with the patient's gender identity.


The recovery process for a transgender hair transplant typically involves a few weeks of healing. Patients may initially experience mild swelling and discomfort, usually subsiding within a few days. Following post-operative care instructions is essential. Maintaining scalp hygiene and avoiding strenuous activities are recommended to promote healthy hair growth.

Transgender Hair Transplant Cost

The price of a transgender hair transplant may differ significantly based on various elements, such as the degree of hair loss, the total grafts required, and the particular methods applied during the surgery. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, Dr. John Kahen provides personalized consultations to discuss each patient's needs and the associated costs. On average, patients expect the price to range from $5,000 to $20,000, but we encourage you to contact our clinic for a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific situation. Dr. Kahen will explain all the details and help you understand the potential investment in your transformation.

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Benefits of Transgender Hair Transplant

Transgender hair transplants, including MTF hair transplant procedures, provide critical support in the gender affirmation journey, offering both psychological and aesthetic benefits. For many transgender individuals, aligning their physical appearance with their gender identity is a vital step toward living authentically and comfortably. Hair, a significant gender marker, plays a crucial role in this process. A transgender hair restoration explicitly addresses areas that are influential in representing gender-specific characteristics, such as the hairline, hair density, and facial appearance, tailored to each patient's unique needs and transition goals. Modifying the hair to reflect one's true self can significantly enhance personal and social interactions, reduce gender dysphoria, and enhance overall quality of life.

Key Benefits of a Transgender Hair Transplant at BHHR

  • Enhances gender presentation.
  • Boosts self-esteem and confidence.
  • Reduces feelings of gender dysphoria.
  • Aligns physical appearance with gender identity.
  • Improves social and professional interactions.
  • Provides natural-looking results.

Some of our Happy Customers

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, Dr John Kahen is dedicated to delivering exceptional results in transgender hair transplants. Each patient receives personalized care, ensuring their unique needs are met with precision and compassion. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the glowing reviews from our satisfied patients, who often share their positive experiences with others. Please check below to see what our patients have to say about their hair transplant journeys at our clinic.


Frequently Asked Questions

About Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

About Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

About Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, a renowned clinic in Los Angeles, is known for its exceptional commitment to high-quality transgender hair transplant surgery, led by Dr. John Kahen. He is not only an expert in their field but also deeply committed to the care and satisfaction of their patients. He is here to provide a personalized experience that makes you feel valued and important. He focuses on individualized treatment, ensuring that each patient's needs and expectations are met. Our clinic's environment is designed to offer comfort and privacy, ensuring that patients feel relaxed and supported throughout their visit.

If you're considering a transgender hair transplant and want to explore your options with an expert, contact us today. Call 310.289.0901 or visit our website to schedule your free consultation with Dr. John Kahen. We serve patients in the Beverly HillsPalm Desert, and Sacramento areas who want to overcome the adverse effects of hair loss. Let us help you regain your hair confidence and satisfaction with your appearance.


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