Scalp MicroPigmentation

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Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is a permanent cosmetic “tattoo” that basically mimics the very short hairs of a closely shaved scalp. It is an innovative technique as an alternative to those who are not candidates for hair transplant surgery. It can also be an option to cover bad hair transplant procedures that were performed with outdated techniques, called scalp scar camouflage. This highly-skilled non-surgical micro-procedure uses custom-blended hypoallergenic pigments to compliment your skin tone and hair color. It merges the treated area with its surroundings; enhancing the visual appearance and giving a soft natural look.

Scalp scar camouflage is a combination of hair stimulation and hair shading that helps to camouflage and reduce the appearance of hair transplant or other head scars including surgical scars and injury scars with remarkable results.

If you have already had a hair transplant, but would like more density, a combination treatment of these techniques can produce amazing results. This procedure is also ideal for those who use cover-up or other makeup to hide scars.


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