Hairline lowering

The hairline lowering procedure is the newest trend in hair restoration. Hairline lowering is the solution for: Receding hairlines, Forehead reduction, Facial structuring etc. We plan your individualized hairline lowering, based on what appears natural and brings out your God Given features.

Various reasons you may consider hairline lowering surgery are:Traction Alopecia,Naturally high hairline,Transgender sex change or changing the shape of their face. It is possible to the shape of the hairline, making it more oval or rounded by filling in the upper temporal/side regions. Hairline lowering surgery shortens the forehead, moving the hairline forward.

Hairline lowering is achieved through either the FUT or FUE technique. The grafts are placed in the natural direction of your hair flow.


What is hairline lowering surgery?

Hairline lowering surgery, produces immediate and dramatic results for patients with an overly high hairline. The hairline lowering procedure is a popular alternative to hair transplantation, and often is sought by those who want immediate improvement to their facial symmetry. If this is you -- keep reading to learn about hairline lowering surgery.

Are you a good candidate for the hairline lowering procedure?

Having a high hairline and large forehead can be distressing. Hairline lowering surgery takes about two hours to complete, and provides virtually instantaneous, natural-looking results. You are a good candidate for hairline lowering surgery if you:Have a flexible scalp, Do not have much thinning at the front hairline, Have a stable frontal hairline, Are motivated to undergo a surgical procedure to achieve your goals. A consultation with a skilled BHHR surgeon is the best way to discover if you are a good candidate. He will determine if hairline lowering is right for you. If not, hair grafting may be a better option.

Is recovery from hairline lowering surgery relatively fast?

Yes, recovery for most patients is relatively short and easy.  Sutures get removed at one week, and return to most activities is then permitted.

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Hairline Lowering

How long is the procedure?


4-6 hours depends on number of grafts, but hairline lowering surgery normally takes 5-6 hours depending on the complexity of the surgery. Hairline lowering surgery is same day procedure done under local anesthetic.

Will I have discomfort?


Realistically, expect the hairline lowering surgery will have a few after effects post - surgery, such as swelling, and slight pain, around the treated area that will eventually subside in different recovery stages.

Will I be awake?


Hairline lowering is performed under local anesthesia, results are very fast and patients are presentable in one week.

What is recovery like?


Depending on the individual, recovery from hairline lowering surgery can be anywhere from 6 to 10 days, however, many patients are ready to go return to work after 24 to 48 hours.

How many grafts will I need for Hairline Lowering Surgery?


Hairs are placed 1,2,3 at a time -- done aesthetically it can create a natural look. Consult with a skilled BHHR surgeon.


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