Hair Transplant Before And After Videos

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is a beautiful place to be if you suffer from any hair-related condition that requires effective treatment.Below are hair transplant videos from our previous clients.

We have been treating patients with hair-related problems for a long time now, giving them miraculous solutions. We have a company of dedicated and extremely experienced physicians in Beverly Hills who are always ready to offer patients personalized hair transplant procedures. With our detailed insight into the entire procedure, patients understand what the procedure is all about, thanks to the hair transplant before and after videos.

The hair transplant procedure done at Beverly Hills Hair Transplant delivers unparalleled, natural-looking, unnoticeable results. We do this by customizing each procedure to meet your hair restoration goals while considering hair loss and scalp type. The hair transplant before and after gallery is just a small example of satisfied clients who benefited from our Beverly Hills facility's advanced hair restoration techniques. You can check out our best hair transplant before and after videos for more information about the expected results.

We offer expert hair loss treatments such as:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction
  • FUSS Strip Scar Repair
  • Hair Transplant Repairs and Revisions

Get more insights about the hair restoration journey of our patients by selecting hair transplants before and after videos below.

Follicular Hair Transplant Surgery Results Video at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration
Before and After Hair Transplant in Beverly Hills, CA
Los Angeles Hair Transplant Clinic Before and After Results
Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic Natural Results Patient Video
Before and After Hair Restoration Post op one year at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration
Female Hair Transplant Procedure Before and After Surgery Video -BHHR
FUT Hair Transplant Hairline Lowering Restoration Surgery-Dr. Kahen
Male Hairline Lowering Hair Transplant Procedure-Before and After Results video
FUE Hair Restoration Procedure Natural Results Video- Beverly Hills, CA
Hair Transplant Correction by John Kahen MD -Beverly Hills Hair Restoration
Male Hairline Lowering Hair Transplant Procedure-Before and After Results video
Before and After Hairline Hair Transplant all natural at
FUT female hair transplant surgery before and after video
Hair Transplant Surgery Before & After- Dr. Kahen Patient
John Kahen MD Hair Tranplant Surgery- Before and After Photos
Dr. John Kahen Hair Restoration Procedure Patient Results- Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic
Beverly Hills Hair Transplant Surgeon Results- Dr. Kahen Patient
Hair Restoration Procedure- Before & After video-Beverly Hills Hair Restoration
Hair Transplant Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA Results Video
Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Natural Results Video
Hair Restoration Surgery Before and After Natural Results by Dr. Kahen
Dr. Payam John kahen Hair Transplant surgeon results video
Hair restoration results video before and after
Hair transplant FUT before and after video
Hair restoration procedure results video
John Kahen hair restoration before and after results video
Beverly Hills hair transplant surgery results
John Kahen MD Hair Transplant Surgeon results
Beverly Hills hair transplant results video
Beverly Hills Hair Restoration results-Before and After