Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrow Transplant

We understand that your eyebrows are essential to your facial framework. Individuals who do not have full eyebrows can be self conscious and they tend to wear daily makeup to cover the lack of hair. As humans, we focus on the eyes and if your eyebrows do not frame your eyes you can feel a lack of self confidence. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration aims at giving our patients their self confidence back!

BHHR performs eyebrow hair transplants for both men and women. Whether you are lacking eyebrow hair due to over plucked eyebrows, trauma, auto immune disorders, or if your eyebrows are naturally too sparse, we can customize a hair transplant plan for your individual needs.

The procedure takes around four to eight hours to complete. We gather the donor hair from the patient's scalp area using scalpel free FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique; and since the donor hair grows at a faster rate than the original eyebrow hair patient’s have to maintain the new eyebrow hair once a week. The new donor hair will fall out for a short period of time and then regrow around three to four months. Patients will have swelling and bruising after the procedure and that will only last for three to seven days. Patients will also see scabs around seven days after the procedure along with a pink pigmentation for four to twelve weeks post the procedure. All of which depends on how quickly each individual patient heals. If a patient wishes, they can use eyebrow makeup three weeks after the procedure.