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Posted on : June 20, 2022 | Category : FUT hair transplant | Author: John Kahen

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If you are looking for the best hair restoration procedure to get rid of your hair loss, then the FUT hair transplant procedure offers the best option. However, when you are planning to undergo such a procedure, you need to understand the cost of having the FUT hair transplant procedure. What defines the FUT hair transplant cost in Beverly Hills is the number of grafts transplanted into the recipient or balding areas. You can do this by scheduling a consultation with our experts. This will allow you to know your budget and how to pay for the procedure. 

What is FUT Hair Transplant?

When a hair restoration surgeon uses the FUT approach of hair transplantation, he will cut out a strip of skin that has grafted hair from the donor area. The strip of skin is probably cut out from the back of the head, where healthy hair is found. Another name for the FUT hair restoration procedure is follicular strip surgery. The long-term donor hair supply will determine how many hair strands per square centimeter of the donor scalp and how loose the scalp skin is. 

Compared to the FUE hair transplant technique, the FUT hair transplant procedure allows the surgeon greater access to the donor's hair. Once the surgeon finishes cutting out the strip of skin, it is placed under high-power microscopes, and a highly skilled team of technicians dissects the strip into follicular units. To increase the survival rate of graft hair, the surgeon will place it in a controlled environment as the recipient area is prepared. The donor area is covered by surrounding hair after stitching it. The stitches will come out after 10 to 14 days when the donor area is completely healed. 

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What is the average cost of a FUT hair transplant?

The FUT hair transplant cost in Beverly Hills varies depending on various factors. In most cases, the average cost of a FUT hair transplant largely depends on the number of graft hairs that need to be transplanted.

  • Price Range for Hair Restoration: $1,000 - $20,000
  • $8,000 is the average cost of a FUT hair transplant.

If you intend to go through with the FUT hair transplant procedure, you first need to know the factors that affect the FUT hair transplant cost.

Follicular unit transplant cost Depends on the Following Factors:

1. The Number of Grafts

The genuine and easiest way of setting up FUT hair restoration costs is by counting how many grafts of hair need to be transplanted. If the number of graft hair to be transferred is high because the recipient area is large, the FUT hair transplant cost in Beverly Hills will also go up. The usable FUT technique also helps to determine the FUT cost per graft. 

2. The Number of Sessions

A single session of 6 to 8 hours will complete the FUT hair transplant. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic, patients who have to transfer more than 4,000 grafts will need to come back the following day for its completion. The reason is that we can only efficiently transfer 3,000 to 4,000 hair grafts in a single session. In such a case, the FUT hair transplant cost will go up slightly since it has taken more than one session to perform. 

3. The extent of Follicle loss

How advanced the hair loss is will determine the cost of a FUT hair transplant. If the area that requires the transplant procedure is huge, the FUT hair transplant cost in Beverly Hills will go up because the number of graft hairs necessary for the procedure will also increase. This also means that if the area that requires graft hair is small, the FUT hair restoration cost will reduce. 

4. The reputation of the Surgeon

The cost of the FUT hair transplant is also affected by the reputation and experience of the surgeon performing the procedure. The FUT hair transplant cost will increase if the surgeon is highly sought after due to his hair restoration experience. In Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic, Dr. John Kahen performs most hair transplant procedures because he is a hair restoration specialist. 

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Why is Beverly Hills Hair Restoration (BHHR) Best For Fut Hair Transplant?

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we prioritize our patients' satisfaction and safety more than profit. Since our ethics guide us, we always offer our patients transparent hair restoration options. Before you choose where you want to seek the FUT hair transplant in Los Angeles, here are several reasons why you should consider Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic:

  • Proper aftercare instructions
  • Transparency about the procedures
  • Cost-effective treatments
  • We use the latest medical innovations and techniques 
  • Surgeons are highly qualified and experienced


For the best male hair transplant results that cater to your hair restoration goals, you need to undergo the Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT) procedure. You also need to understand the FUT hair transplant cost in Beverly Hills. When it comes to the FUT hair transplant procedures, Beverly Hills Hair Restoration techniques are always cutting edge, which is why we have a successful and excellent track record. 

To arrange a consultation, please reach us, or call on 310.289.0901. You can also fill out the form here to get a call from us.

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