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female hair transplant

Hair is our crown of glory, and when it continues to thin or fall out, it can seriously impact our self-esteem. Women all around the world face the daunting reality of hair loss. In our first section, we introduce the issue of hair loss among women and how a female hair transplant can solve this concern.

According to the American Hair Association, more than 40 % of Americans suffer from Hair Loss. Hair Loss is a distressing Experience. Especially on a regular basis average person sheds 50 to 100 Strands of Hair which causes a significant problem. So, Female Hair Transplant or Hair Restoration is the top way to get rid of Hair Loss. So, when Hair Loss occurs, you must consult a trusted Female Hair Transplant specialist. Especially if you are in the United States, there is a Beverly Hills Hair Restoration who adherely listens to your request and offers you top-rated hair transplant services. This blog will discuss expert " Smart FUE Hair Transplant for Women" explaining its viability among the best Women's transplant option.

Almost every woman experiences hair loss caused by numerous factors. Unlike men who lose hair patches, women witness more hair thinning over the Scalp. You can choose an expert Female Hair Transplant if thinning Hair bothers you. Continue reading this post to learn about the procedure, Common causes, Costs, and results of Hair Transplants for females.

Common Causes for Hair Loss in Women:

The most common causes of hair loss are:

  1. Female Pattern Hair Loss
  2.  Hormonal changes such as pregnancy and childbirth.
  3. Health-related issues and underlying medical conditions.
  4. Extreme weight management can also result in Hair Loss.

At BHHR, we have a team of expert doctors ready to examine your hair loss condition. They'll delve into your medical history to determine the root cause and assess if intervention is necessary.

Premier Hair Transplant for Women

Regarding Hair Loss for Women, the most permanent Hair Restoration solution is FUE Hair treatment. Our Smart FUE Hair Transplant are carried out by our experienced doctor and work by transplanting Hair follicles from the Scalp to fuller, hair-usually at the back and sides, usually where there is Hair thinning.

Here, at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we understand the unique needs of women facing hair loss. Our top-rated hair transplant solutions for women are designed to treat female pattern baldness, restore the hairline, add volume, and enhance the overall appearance. We believe in creating natural-looking results that complement each patient's features and lifestyle.

Moreover, being a top-rated clinic for women's hair transplants, we provide a comfortable, confidential, and supportive environment for all our patients. Our doctors are always ready to guide you through the process and answer any questions.

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About The Procedure:

The women's hair transplant process at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration (BHHR) is tailored to provide the most natural-looking results. It's a comprehensive process that begins with a thorough consultation and ends with complete patient satisfaction. Here's a look at this procedure:


The journey towards hair restoration begins with an in-depth consultation. During this session, the expert surgeons at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration analyze the patient's hair loss pattern, assess the Scalp, and consider the patient's overall health. This is also when they discuss the patient's goals for the procedure, offering honest advice and realistic outcomes.


The next stage involves detailed planning to ensure the most effective results. The surgeons consider various factors, such as the number of grafts, the appropriate technique, and the donor sites for harvesting follicles. They utilize advanced technology to help with this planning process, ensuring the most efficient use of available hair follicles.

The Procedure:

BHHR specializes in two types of hair transplant techniques: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). The choice of method depends on the patient's specific circumstances and the expert advice of the BHHR surgeons.

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Post-operative care is an integral part of the hair transplant process. At BHHR, patients receive comprehensive aftercare instructions to ensure the best healing and growth of the transplanted Hair. This includes advice on cleaning the Scalp, necessary medications, and information on what to expect in the days and weeks following the procedure.


BHHR ensures regular follow-ups to monitor the patient's progress. These sessions allow the team to ensure that the patient is healing properly and that the Hair is growing as expected. The commitment to personalized care, advanced techniques, and top-quality results makes the procedure at BHHR a leading choice for women seeking hair transplants.

 Female Hair Transplant: Before and After Results

The transformation journey at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration isn't immediate but rewarding. While the outcome largely hinges on the degree of hair loss and the treatment selected, it's common to observe noticeable improvement within several months post-treatment. With the proper care and follow-up, the rewards of your hair restoration journey can be durable. The journey before and after Hair Transplant differs, as individuals undergo numerous phases. 

Revel in the renewed self-assurance that comes with watching your Hair gradually regain its thickness and volume. Dr. John Kahen and his dedicated team of professionals ensure a personalized approach to your hair restoration journey. Their commitment is to see your satisfaction and ensure the treatment strategy aligns perfectly with your unique requirements and aspirations.

Costs Involved in Hair Grafting for Women

According to a BHHR, the average hair transplant costs about $10,000. The cost of hair grafting for women can range from $3,000 to more than $15,000, depending on the factors involved in the treatment. Typically, a high-quality custom hair replacement system will set you back by $1,200 and needs to be renewed annually. Furthermore, the system demands regular maintenance, involving reattachment every 5 to 6 weeks, costing around $75 per session, amounting to approximately $675 yearly. Therefore, the cumulative cost for owning and preserving a quality hair replacement system for 15 years stands at an estimated $28,125.00 ($1,200 initial cost plus $675 for yearly maintenance equals $1,875 per year, which totals $28,125 over 15 years). This cumulative expense surpasses the general cost associated with surgical hair restoration procedures.

Why Choose Us for Women Transplants?

We are a premier destination for women seeking to restore their Hair to its foremost glory, thanks to many compelling reasons. Our team specializes in hair restoration procedures, including female hair transplants. This focus ensures that the team is constantly updated on the latest techniques and developments in the field. Our expertise in the particularities of female hair loss, which often differ from male hair loss patterns, sets them apart in the industry. Moreover, we combine expertise, innovation, care, and value, making it an excellent choice for women considering a hair transplant.

Still, if you are seeking a famous female celebrity hair transplant before and after, reach us at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. We help you in many ways, especially in FUT Hair Transplants, FUE Hair procedures, PRP, and many more. And visit our Website to view detailed  female hair transplant results. 

The Bottom Line:

Hair transplants can be a long-lasting solution to hair loss but often come with a hefty price tag. Hair transplant surgery can range from $3,000 to $15,000, with a treatment average of $10,000. Hair Transplant surgery can be acknowledged for men and women. Your costs can vary based on the type of procedures, where you have treatments, surgeon's fees, and other factors. 

Typically, insurance does not cover hair transplants. There are several alternatives to hair transplants that also are effective. Some are less invasive, more affordable, or both. Just give us a Call or schedule an Appointment with us to learn more about Hair Transplant services!

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