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Posted on : November 26, 2017 | Author: John Kahen | Category: Hair Loss

Are Topical DHT Blockers as Effective as Oral Finasteride?


Dihydrotestosterone is a chemical that is found in the male body. When your body produces too much DHT you’ll begin to loose hair. There are medicines that limit the production of DHT and help slow down the chemical process that causes hair loss.


Patients ask us what is more useful against fighting baldness, oral finasteride or topical finasteride? Both can help you in separate ways however, oral pills are the most effective. The oral medicine goes directly through your bloodstream, it’ll carry the medicine directly to your follicles and begin affecting your DHT levels faster than a topical treatment. Finasteride is the go to medicine to help fight early hair loss. Its commonly known as Propecia however there are generic name brands.


Hair loss is progressive therefore patients need to use the medicine until they find a more suitable treatment that can help them combat hair loss. Treatments such as hair transplantation in conjunction with Platelet Rich Plasma can restore what you have lost. The medical field is constantly growing and developing new treatments to help hair loss. We recommend scheduling a personalized hair restoration consultation to create a plan for your individual needs. 


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