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men's eyebrow transplant

A men’s eyebrow hair transplant procedure can help correct missing brow hair permanently and is suitable for people with sparse or thinning eyebrow hair. An eyebrow hair transplant can offer a more natural appearance than procedures like microblading or tattooing. During an eyebrow transplant procedure, our board-certified surgeon Dr. John Kahen moves individual hairs from a region of greater density and, in some cases, from parts of your body to your eyebrows, producing a completely natural-looking fuller brow.

How Does a Men's Eyebrow Hair Transplant Work?

Men's eyebrow hair transplants are a one-day, minimally invasive procedure. You can leave the same day after it is completed in an operating room at the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic. As with hairline or crown transplants, the FUE hair transplant procedure for brows is comparable. 

Eyebrow transplantation is, in its simplest form, the process of transferring hair grafts (hair follicles) to the eyebrow region. In this instance, donor hair will be removed from an area of your scalp (usually the back of the head). New hair will grow from the transplanted grafts to achieve a fuller-looking brow. 

A hypodermic needle makes tiny punches into the donor's hair to remove individual hair follicles. The individual follicular units are then inserted into minuscule incisions created in the brow areas that are losing hair. Under local anesthesia, the procedure is carried out, and you shouldn't experience any pain after it.

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What Are the Stages of Men's Eyebrow Transplant?

A personalized plan for an eyebrow transplant will be created based on the patient's particular requirements. The three stages men’s eyebrow transplant include:

  • Consultation
  • Graft extraction
  • Graft transplant

Here’s a brief explanation of the three steps:

1. Consultation and Planning

The shape of the brows is determined during the physical examination. In this phase, the surgeon designs the procedure while considering the patient's needs and facial characteristics. The doctor will examine both the recipient and donor areas for hair. After physically examining the donor areas, the doctor will determine if you should be operated on or wait for a while before the procedure begins. But the possibility is that you may undergo the transplant the same day the doctor physically assesses you.

2. Graft Extraction

The unshaved technique, usually applied to people with long hair, can be used to obtain donor grafts. The limited number of grafts needed makes this procedure straightforward to carry out as well. Only a small portion of the back of the head must be shaved for the unshaven method of graft harvesting. Eyebrow hair transplant men typically take two to three hours, requiring 200 to 300 grafts on average. With brows, only individual hair can produce a naturally attractive appearance. A local anesthetic is applied to the donor area before the extraction.

3. Transplant

Like in extraction, a local anesthetic is administered to the receiving area (the eyebrows) just before the transplant. Using the Implant Pen, hair follicles are transplanted while being mindful of the right angle and growth direction. A pleasing appearance is also achieved through this process.

Men’s Eyebrow Hair transplant recovery and aftercare

Proper aftercare is critical to successful eyebrow transplant recovery. To minimize infection risk, avoid touching your brows for at least 24 hours post-procedure. After four days, you can gently wash your face and brows, but pat them dry rather than rubbing them to protect the new grafts. Within the first week, crusts will form and naturally shed, revealing some initial redness underneath. To preserve the transplant site, avoiding sun exposure for the first month is crucial. A few weeks after your procedure, you may notice the transplanted hairs falling out, a normal part of the eyebrow transplant recovery process known as shedding. This indicates that your body is healing, and soon, new, healthy eyebrow hairs will begin to grow in place of the shed ones, filling in your brows naturally.

Is Men’s Eyebrow Transplant Painful?

Because you'll be unconscious during the procedure and unable to feel anything, having your eyebrows transplanted won't hurt. You might feel slight discomfort as your skin recovers from the process. But just in case you feel pain, take over-the-counter pain medication or have your surgeon prescribe pain medication to help you feel better.

Does Men’s Eyebrow Transplant Look Natural?

The results of eyebrow transplant surgery performed by a qualified doctor will be completely natural and blend in with the patient's facial features. The before and after eyebrow transplant results are very different but are natural looking. They must, however, be regularly trimmed because they tend to grow longer than regular brows.

Is Men's Eyebrow Hair Transplant Right for You?

Anyone who wants a full, well-shaped brow should consider getting an eyebrow hair transplant. People with sparse or thin eyebrows are good candidates for this procedure. Both men and women can safely and effectively undergo this minimally invasive procedure. However, your transplant specialist may have to do some tests before an eyebrow hair transplant surgery.

Men’s Eyebrow Transplant in Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

By considering the patient's facial features, Dr. John Kahen has mastered the art of eyebrow design, producing a gradually natural look. He is adept at angling and directing the recipient sites to mimic the brows' organic structure. Undoubtedly, he is a very well-experienced and skilled surgeon who has proven his proficiency in men's eyebrow transplants. Dr. Kahen advocates the creation of a favorable environment for eyebrow hair transplants, and that’s what Beverly Hills Hair Restoration offers. 

Visit Beverly Hills Hair Restoration for Your Eyebrow Transplant

An eyebrow transplant can help if you're unhappy with how your brows look and want a more long-lasting fix. Carefully weigh all of your options, and ask your doctor for guidance. If you choose to proceed with a brow transplant, do your homework and locate a reputable surgeon who will perform the procedure as skillfully as possible. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration provides highly skilled surgeons, specialized physicians, and a fully customized care plan that includes consultations and aftercare. You can schedule a free hair transplant consultation, fill out the contact form, or call us at 310.289.0901 to learn more about eyebrow hair transplants.

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