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Posted on : February 24, 2024 | Category : FUT Hair Transplant | Author: Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Team

FUT Hair Transplant Procedure

FUT Hair Transplant is a surgical technique that separates a strip of skin that bears hair from the donor area. Usually, the back of the head is placed into individual follicular units that are then transplanted to balding regions to restore hair to those areas. We have enhanced the traditional FUT technique at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration with our advanced technology, Smart FUT. In this method, Dr. John Kahen uses Smart PRP Methods to inject plasma into the recipient area before graft implantation. Opting for a FUT Hair Transplant Procedure at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is a stride toward reclaiming your hair, confidence, and overall appearance.

Understanding FUT Hair Transplant?

A linear strip of skin holding hair is removed for a FUT hair transplant from the back or sides of the scalp, where hair is more resistant to balding. It is not the same as other hair restoration methods like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which removes hair follicles individually without stripping. The strip is meticulously dissected under a microscope into individual follicular units, each containing 1 to 4 hairs, prepared for transplantation.

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Pre-Procedure Preparation

Initial Consultation with a Hair Transplant Specialist

The journey to a FUT Hair Transplant begins with an initial consultation at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. During this meeting, hair transplant specialist Dr. John Kahen will assess your hair loss pattern, discuss your objectives, and decide if FUT suits you.

Medical Evaluation and Assessing Candidacy

A thorough medical evaluation follows, assessing the patient's overall health and scalp condition to ensure they are a good candidate for the FUT procedure. This step is crucial in minimizing risks and maximizing the success of the transplant.

Discussion of Expectations and Desired Results

An essential part of getting ready for surgery is establishing reasonable expectations. Patients are encouraged to discuss their desired outcome with Dr. John Kahen, who can provide a practical assessment of what the FUT Hair Transplant can achieve.

Pre-Procedure Instructions and Guidelines

Patients receive detailed instructions to prepare for the FUT procedure, including guidelines on medication, diet, and lifestyle adjustments. Adhering to these instructions is vital for ensuring the best possible outcome.

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The FUT Hair Transplant Procedure

Anesthesia Administration

To ensure the patient has no pain throughout the FUT Hair Transplant procedure, Beverly Hills Hair Restoration meticulously applies local anesthetic to the donor and recipient sites before beginning the procedure. This crucial step is conducted precisely, considering the patient's medical history and any allergies to provide a personalized and comfortable method. The aim is to numb the areas involved in the transplant, allowing the patient to remain relaxed throughout the surgery. From the beginning, this emphasis on patient comfort and safety underscores our clinic's commitment to a smooth, reassuring FUT Hair Transplant process, highlighting our dedication to patient satisfaction and optimal outcomes.

Donor Hair Extraction Process

In the FUT Hair Transplant method at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, extracting the donor's hair is a meticulously executed step. A strip of skin containing hair is carefully removed from the donor region, which is typically the back of the head where hair is genetically more resistant to balding. This process is carried out precisely to ensure the integrity of the extracted follicular units and minimize scarring. The area is then sutured with techniques that promote healing and leave a scar typically well-concealed by existing hair. This step is critical not just for harvesting hair for transplantation but also for maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the donor site, reflecting our clinic's commitment to excellence and attention to detail in every aspect of the FUT Hair procedure.

Graft Preparation and Dissection

The graft preparation and dissection phase begins following the donor strip extraction in the FUT Hair Transplant process at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. This critical stage involves the delicate separation of the donor strip into individual follicular units under a microscope. Each unit containing 1 to 4 hairs is carefully prepared for transplantation to ensure the highest viability and optimal placement. This meticulous dissection is crucial for preserving the natural growth patterns and achieving a seamless, natural-looking result. Dr. John Kahen's attention to detail during this phase ensures that each graft is optimally prepared for implantation, highlighting our commitment to delivering superior FUT Hair Transplant outcomes.

Recipient Site Preparation

Before the implantation of hair grafts in the FUT Hair Transplant procedure, preparing the recipient site is a pivotal step at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. This involves creating tiny incisions in the balding or thinning areas of the scalp, where the follicular units will be placed. To guarantee that the transplanted hair will blend seamlessly with the existing hair, the preparation is done correctly, considering the natural hair growth's angle, depth, and direction. This careful planning and execution of the recipient site preparation are critical for achieving a natural appearance and maximizing the cosmetic impact of the transplant. Dr. Kahen's expertise in designing the implantation area ensures that the outcome looks natural and fulfills the patient's expectations for density and coverage, underscoring the dedication to excellence in every step of the FUT Hair Transplant journey.

Injecting Plasma

In a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) hair transplant procedure, injecting plasma, particularly Smart PRP®, is a crucial step to enhance the overall success and outcomes of the transplantation process. After the donor tissue strip is carefully removed and individual follicular units are meticulously prepared for transplantation, Smart PRP®, enriched with growth factors and other beneficial components, is precisely injected into the recipient area. This Smart PRP® serves multiple purposes: it nourishes the follicles, promotes accelerated healing of the recipient site, reduces inflammation, and stimulates the growth of new hair. By delivering essential nutrients directly to the transplanted follicles, Smart PRP® facilitates their integration into the scalp, resulting in improved graft survival rates and overall hair growth. Moreover, Smart PRP® injections minimize the risk of complications, enhance the natural appearance of the transplanted hair, and promote long-term health and vitality.

Graft Implantation

The culmination of the FUT Hair Transplant process at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is the graft implantation stage, where the prepared follicular units are carefully inserted into the pre-prepared recipient sites. This phase requires a high level of skill and artistry, as each graft is placed to mimic the hair's natural growth pattern, ensuring a result that looks seamless and undetectable as a transplant. The success of this step hinges on the precision of implantation, the strategic placement of grafts to achieve the desired density, and the careful handling of each follicular unit to preserve its viability. Dr. John Kahen's expertise in graft implantation is a testament to achieving the best possible outcomes, making the FUT Hair Transplant a transformative procedure for individuals seeking to overcome hair loss with results that are not only effective but also natural-looking and long-lasting.

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Recovery Process

Immediate Post-Procedure Care

Immediate aftercare involves instructions on caring for the transplant site, including cleaning and protecting the area to promote healing.

Managing Discomfort and Pain

Patients may feel some swelling and discomfort, but these side effects can be controlled with over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Activity Restrictions and Lifestyle Adjustments

Following the FUT Hair Transplant, patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities and follow specific lifestyle guidelines to ensure optimal healing.

Monitoring Healing Progress

There are planned follow-ups regularly to track the healing process, allowing for any necessary interventions to address potential complications promptly.

Potential Complications and How to Address Them

While FUT Hair Transplant is generally safe, potential complications such as infection or unsatisfactory growth are addressed with medical interventions and adjustments to the treatment plan.

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Long-Term Results and Expectations

Hair Growth Timeline

Hair growth following a FUT Hair Transplant typically begins within 3 to 4 months post-procedure, with the final results visible after 12 to 18 months.

Achieving Desired Density and Coverage

The success of the FUT Hair Transplant in achieving the desired density and coverage depends on various factors, including the quality of the donor's hair and the individual's healing process.

Factors Affecting Final Outcome

The outcome of a FUT Hair Transplant is influenced by factors such as the patient's age, hair characteristics, and adherence to post-procedure care guidelines.

Conclusion: Restore Your Confidence with FUT Hair Transplant

Choosing FUT Hair Transplant at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is a step towards restoring your hair, confidence, and appearance. Patients are equipped to make educated decisions and experience a smooth and fulfilling hair restoration process when they are thoroughly aware of the entire process, from the initial consultation to long-term maintenance. Trust Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, the best transplant clinic in Los Angeles, for a transformation beyond the surface, promising results that reflect your desire for a fuller, more youthful head of hair.

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