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Posted on : October 13, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

Body image is a defining component of our society today. All over billboards, commercials, movies, and posters (among others), companies hinge their marketing and advertising campaigns on the notion of beauty, perfection, and style. One of the more obvious examples of this new norm of self-image can be seen in the Carl’s Jr. advertising campaigns of their juicy burgers. Instead of focusing on the quality or taste of the burger, marketers chose to incorporate beautiful, sexy women eating greasy burgers to appeal to men who likely fantasize about such women.  Although beauty may not be the “moral” standard by which people should judge themselves, it seems to be the way the world works these days.

This emphasis on body image has infiltrated the way everyday people live their lives. More so than ever before, people are investing in expensive clothing, makeup, weight-loss programs, and plastic surgery. These are just a few of the many things people do to enhance their self-image and attractiveness.

However, one of the most popular and effective methods to augment one’s beauty is hair restoration and regrowth.  As people age they succumb to hair loss, and unfortunately, plentiful and bountiful hair is scientifically proven to be a primary indicator of biological health and consequently, of sexual attractiveness. Thus, clinics like Beverly Hills Hair Restoration (BHHR) serve to help people increase their body image through the preservation and regrowth of their clients’ naturally beautiful hair.

Dr. Kahen, the medical mastermind and specialist at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, methodically serves to help clients maintain and regrow hair. Dr. Kahen uses a variety of techniques to aid clients in achieving optimal hair growth potential. For instance, Dr. Kahen personally administers the Strip Harvesting Technique in which hair is divided into follicular units through the use of powerful microscopes. Customized blades (to match the patient’s follicle size) are then used to create the incision on the scalp into which the graft will fit. Surgeons analyze each individual follicle for quality control measures to ensure maximum potential growth and nourishment. Finally, the patient receives local anesthetics in the donor recipient area where the individual follicular units were transplanted.

The Strip Harvesting Technique is just one of several ways that Beverly Hills Hair Restoration helps make people appear more attractive and youthful. Dr. Kahen also oversees facial hair transplantation, individual follicular unit extraction, ACell and SmartPRP® with Hair Restoration, and medical treatment and therapy. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration dedicates itself to making these groundbreaking medical procedures as effective and comfortable as possible for costumers. Dr. Kahen personally ensures that every step of the treatment process, whether during pre-surgery, surgery, or recovery, is as accommodating to each client as possible.

More importantly, Dr. Kahen and Beverly Hills Hair Restoration’s ultimate goal is to help clients adapt to the increasing societal need for physical beauty. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration seeks to methodically and scientifically encourage one’s body to prolong hair loss and to increase one’s sense of youthfulness, beauty, and attractiveness.

Contributing Writer: John Collier