What is a Beard Transplant?

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Posted on : January 03, 2018 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

While it's always been a go to accessory for a man, it’s no secret that beards are a current trend. Some men opt to stick with a simple goatee or they may go as far as sporting the “wilderness” man look for Movember (we love to help bring awareness to mens health, as well). Either way it's nice to have options. Unfortunately, some men might have trouble growing out a beard. Some problems include a patchy beard, low hair density beards, or little to no hair on their face. BHHR is here to help! We’ve performed thousands of beard transplants.

If you would like a fuller, thicker beard we can make that dream a reality. A simple facial hair transplant can give you a full dense beard. The results are as permanent as a hair transplant! We harvest the hair follicles from a donor area, usually the back of the head. We can perform the procedure through either an FUE or an FUT technique. The procedure is done in the office and you're back home by the end of the day.

While beard transplants are in high demand we suggest doing extensive research to ensure you’re with a creditable and experienced hair restoration surgeon, such as Dr. Kahen. Many surgeons are not hair transplant specialist. Dr. Kahen has over 10 years of dedicated experience within the hair restoration field. During the consultation we show our patients plenty of before/after beard transplant surgeries to reassure our patients that we are experienced in every way possible to execute your beard goals. Call us to schedule your consultation and we’ll show you why Dr. Kahen is the best beard transplant surgeon.