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transgender hair transplant

Hair transplantation is the method used to change your hairline's looks. Moreover, it helps to give an excellent volume to the thinning areas. Furthermore, hair transplantation is also used to change one's gender appearance during gender reassignment. This process of changing gender appearance by hair transplantation is known as a transgender hair transplant. As part of the transformation, you might require treatment for reshaping or adjusting your hairline. 

There are some specific complexities for transgender or transexual hair transplants. These challenges relate to the aesthetic and hi-tech nature of the method for both male and female patients and female to male patients. The female and male hairlines are different. The complexity depends upon the technique's success while conducting the restoration procedure. Therefore, it is also essential to consider the directional flow of the hair while grafting. It differs between men and women. even the future perspective should also be considered during the transgender facial hair process, like hair loss.  

Transgender hair transplant acts like a boon for people who desire to transform their gender. It is a life-changing process for them. It does not matter that you have just begun your journey or plan to consider hair restoration. But this transformative procedure helps you match your physical appearance with gender recognition. 

What is a transgender Hair Transplant?

Transgender hair transplant is the same as the hair transplantation method. The transplantation is executed in the way you desire to transform your looks. The highly advanced technology used to conduct that FUE transplantation helps you attain the natural-looking head of hair that aspires to transform from male to female and female to male. Moreover, a person can get a hair transplant to attain a more feminine hairline. It also extracts that minor line of dysphoria related to hairlines and high foreheads. 

Female to Male hair transplant

Quite often, female-to-male transplant patients show one primary concern hormonal medicines are not yielding the desired outcomes that they expected. However, hormonal therapy is an effective way to boost hair growth in the body for F2M transplant patients. At the same time, you can also expect critical hair loss on the head, which is quite normal. Moreover, F2M patients consider the FUT and FUE hair transplant to overcome thinning hairlines caused due to increased hormone production.  

The male hormones can alter their looks for patients undergoing the F2M transition. This majorly brings changes to your looks. With time you can even experience alopecia, you can also name it male pattern baldness. It can occur due to male genetics, as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) joins itself to the hair follicles. As time passes, it changes the hair's growth cycle and can cause a severe hair fall that won't grow back. 

In addition to male pattern baldness, there is no treatment for it. But it can be treated with some the hair loss medicines like Finasteride, which is popularly used for halting hair loss. However, it won't reverse the sign of baldness that may occur. Therefore, the Smart FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles is beneficial in this case for achieving full head and natural looks. 

Moreover, hair transplantation surgery also proved useful during the female-to-male transition as this method helps attain the desired beard and eyebrows. This will play a magical role in your transition as you will have a proper beard and an eyebrow that will completely change your looks. But sometimes, the hair can be patchy or not as proper as you are willing to have. 

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Male to Female hair transplant

Most male-to-female transplants are noticed due to the vast difference between the male and female hairline variation. This is the aspect that makes it more challenging to achieve the best outcomes. The male-to-female restoration aims to attain feminine looks by restoring thick and healthy hair. The method of M2F transplant can be achieved by performing FUE vs FUT procedures. This procedure can increase your hair density and lower the hairline for a more feminine structure. 

However, transforming from male to female can have some opposite reactions. The alterations made in your estrogen levels can have a severe effect on DHT on hair. 

Moreover, if you had some male pattern baldness before going for the transition, you could be left with thinning regions on the scalp, and even that hairline will depict a receding male. But to avoid this, a revolutionary FUE hair transplant method is performed to rectify your hairline and give it a more feminine appearance. The men who experienced baldness have a slight M shape hairline after the transition.  

Treatment Options For Transgender Patients At BHHR

1. Fue Hair Transplant 

FUE hair transplant is a short term for follicular unit extraction. In this procedure, the hairs are grafted from the back of the male head, and those grafted hairs are transplanted on the thinning regions of the scalp. This will make you attain natural-looking results that will proficiently blend into the natural growth follicle pattern. 

2. FUT hair transplant 

FUT Hair Transplant is another famous procedure to fulfill your desire for transformation and thick, dense hair. This method extracts a small layer of tissue from the back of the head. After this, the single grafts are isolated from these small tissues and transplanted into the thinning regions. 

3. Facial hair transplant

This facial hair transplant procedure is favorable for females desiring F2M transition. Under this method, they can quickly increase beard density, mustache, and sideburns. Therefore, it helps the patients to attain natural-looking masculinization. 

4. Eyebrow Restoration

Well-shaped eyebrows can artistically give a feminine look male to and female patients. In eyebrow transplant, we will provide you with complete and curvy eyebrows that enhance your looks and make you look beautiful. Whereas many of the patients of M2F neglect the aspect that it can have a strong aesthetic impact. 

5. Hairline Lowering

The primary aspect of transition is the hairline which significantly influences the facial looks. Hairline Lowering Transplant With Hair Transplant is a minimally invasive method that includes an incision along the patient's hairline and joining the scalp with the forehead. 


1. Feminize with Natural Hair & Skin Characteristics

The goals of the patient with transgender hair restoration are unique. The main purpose is to reshape male hair patterns into hairlines resulting in natural feminine aesthetics. In order to achieve accomplishment in surgery, it is important to consider the aspects like individual hair quality, skin concerns of the patient, and feminizing the looks that steal everyone's attention. Moreover, the contour of the hairline, tone of the hair, and skin tone all are factors that affect the structuring of the hairline design. 

2. Shape the Frontal Hairline to the Individual

Female hairline is usually stereotyped in most cases. And this must be applied to the hairline design. For the procedure to be followed properly, the major aspects mentioned like skin, tone, and the shape of the face, forehead, and brows must not be underestimated. The try-and-true lead-to-reach hairline design mostly results in a feminized but odd appearance. The reason again is creating that unique hairline work for that unique individual. The properly formed hairline will enhance your facial expressions and make you appear more beautiful by exhibiting natural features. 

3. Lower the frontal hairline and around the temples

Usually, in comparison, beautiful feminine hairlines are lower than masculine hairlines. The use of FUT hair transplant assumes it alters masculine hairline features like recessed temples that do not seem to be soft and rounded. You can see the Before and After Transgender photos on our website. Through this hair transplant, you will expect beautiful hairlines to have more feminine looks. The height of the hairline lowering relies upon the eyebrows' position and the forehead's shape. 

4. Add density to frontal and mid-scalp zones to disguise thinning.

Often in transgender patients, male pattern baldness can be seen as thinning in the male pattern area. As this thinning is quite obvious, the results diminish the attractiveness. For patients desiring a feminize frontal hairline, hair styling, and surgical tactics play an important role in adding density to thinning areas. These two factors- styling and strategy are very important for someone with heavy hair loss and poor donor supply. This is because the patient failed to achieve hair feminizing goals compared to those with good donor hair resources. In this case, if the patient has large-scale thinning, then that patient will have ample donor resources to attain the desired full feminine appearance. A huge amount of donors will be required to lower and feminize the hairline by adding volume in the front, mid-scalp, and crown areas. Those lucky patients not only commence a softer feminine look but also cover the thinning generated due to male pattern baldness.   

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Expectations and Recovery

The morning after the surgery:

  • At this stage, the hairs cannot be rinsed or styled as the hairs are still loose and would fall out. It requires time to restore. 
  • You will be provided with the bandage that must stay in place for a minimum of two days. After three days, you can return to work, but we advise you to stay off work for a week until you fully recover. 

3 days after the surgery:

  • On the third day, you can remove your dressing carefully and very lightly and gently rinse your head. It is advisable not to directly stand under the shower jet. You can use a wet washcloth and a little shampoo and let the foam apply to the treated area a few times. Then dry your hair gently with a soft towel. Remember that you do not have to rub while drying your hair. 
  • It is also essential to avoid heavy exercises and physical exertion during the first week, as your body requires time to heal. This way, it reduces the risk of wounds or bleeding. 
  • At the time of the restoration procedure, some of the scabs might form, and you might experience a minor inflammation in transplanted areas. And if scabs develop, they usually vanish within 7 days.    

2 months after the surgery:

  • After two months of the treatment, you are advised to dye your hair. 

Aftercare Tips

  • It is better to wait some days after the surgery to rinse your hair. Only use little shampoo for the initial few weeks. 
  • Within three days you should be able to join your work. 
  • Do not brush or comb over the new grafts for about three weeks. 
  • It is better to avoid wearing hats or pullover shirts until your doctor suggests it. 
  • Avoid exercising for a week. 

Nothing will bother you if you feel some hair falling out as it is a part of the procedure. The hairs transplanted might not grow as you desired for about a month. 

Transgender Hair Transplant Cost

Cost is a factor that can not be ignored and is very important to consider before undergoing the method. But it is suggestible that you should not run for the cheap surgeons as it is a matter of your health and appearance. If you are pondering the cost of the treatment, it varies from person to person. The cost primarily depends upon the factors like your hair characteristics, the overall complexity of the method, and most importantly, the number of grafts you will be required for transplanting. 

To get an idea about the cost of a transgender hair transplant, you can use our online hair transplant consultation services and visit our hair transplant Los Angeles cost page. It will let you predict the cost of the treatment by estimating the number of grafts you require and then relate it to the expected price. 

The requirements of transgender hair restoration will differ from patient to patient. Thus, making it a little challenging to give a general transplantation cost. Finally, during the consultation, the cost will be determined. 

Transgender Hair Transplant at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, you will find all our hair transplant surgeries are conducted by the best and most highly experienced world-class doctors. We do both FUE and FUT hair transplantation. 

We want our patients to connect with us virtually for no-obligation consultation before making any appointments for your treatment. We assure our patients that their talks are private and confidential and allow you to meet our incredible team of surgeons, headed by Dr. John Kahen, to make you feel comfortable in our clinic. 

When your hair consultation, your doctor will examine your hair quality and discuss your requirements to determine what type of transplant you need. Our doctors will discuss every aspect and what you expect to be like. Moreover, they are always there to answer all your queries that you might have. At the time of your personalized meeting with the doctor, he will be able to provide you with the precise cost of your treatment. 

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