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Posted on : January 05, 2018 | Category : SmartPRP® | Author: John Kahen

platelet rich plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma will help maintain your hair’s density along with aiding the prevention process. Each case is unique and we customize our treatment plans to fit your level of hair loss. We recommend our patients come in every 6-9 months for a follow-up injection. In the same respect as Botox, SmartPRP® needs to be maintained. Committing to regular visits will only benefit your hair’s density. Not all patients are candidates for our SmartPRP® injections, we’ll determine your best hair restoration route during your consultation. However, if you opt for hair transplant surgery we offer SmarPRP® in addition to your transplant to reinforce your transplanted grafts.

BHHR is the leader in Platelet Rich Plasma hair restoration with over 10 years of experience in the hair transplant field. We’ve successfully injected thousands of patients with SmartPRP® more than any other clinic in the industry. We have a patent on our very own SmartPRP® solution and system which generate BILLIONS of platelets to deliver the maximum result.

Platelet Rich Plasma has become Hollywood's go to in regards to aiding beauty along with plenty of healing benefits. Dr. Kahen has scientifically created his own formula that generates more platelets than any other doctor’s systems are able to retrieve. Moreover, Dr. Kahen has dedicated over 10 years to impeccable hair transplantation rejuvenation. While many doctors are only discovering SmartPRP® within the last year, Dr. Kahen has been solely studying the science of Platelet Rich Plasma during his years as a practicing physician. He has perfected a patented technique during his time as a award winning hair restoration surgeon. You can rest easy knowing your in the hands of the best hair restoration surgeon.

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