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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen | Category: Hair Loss

Hair loss occupies all of us. If we are not experiencing hair loss, we have a close friend or relative who does. In fact, millions suffer from hair loss. It is only natural that there are many misconceptions about hair loss, and could be why so many have a difficult time distinguishing fact from fiction. When dealing with hair loss concerns it is best to search out the more common balding myths and gain awareness of the facts. When becoming more aware of the facts you can then decide which hair loss treatment will be most effective for your personal requirements. The following myths are 5 of the most common hair loss misconceptions.

  1. The myth — Wearing a hat may stimulate hair loss

The Truth — Unless your hat is so tight that it puts excessive tension on the hair, it doesn’t matter if you wear a hat every day.

  1. The myth- Cutting  your hair will make it grow back thicker

The truth- Hair feels thicker after a hair cut because hair is thicker at the base but cutting your hair will not help prevent male or female-pattern baldness

  1. The myth — Stress may cause permanents hair loss

The truth — In some cases, stress may only cause temporary hair loss

  1. The myth- Only men experience hair loss

The truth- male pattern baldness is more common but, a lot of women suffer from hair loss and thinning.

  1. The myth- People who do not suffer from hair loss have no shedding of hair at all

The truth- Everyone loses hair. 


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