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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : Hair Loss | Author: John Kahen

According to the online Medical Libary, 25% of men show signs of baldness by age 30 and two thirds by age 60. Hair Loss affects toughly 40 % of men thats why men are starting to take action with hairtransplantaion when there is even a slight sign of balding The most dramatic area to lose hair is the frontal area (hair line). This tends to cause a man to look bald even with only a slight loss of hair. The number of young men starting treatment with propecia and hair restoration is increasing. It is common for men with minimal hair loss to seek a surgical hair transplant. Most men with frontal hair loss are excellent candidates for follicular hair transplants.

For most men with male pattern baldness, frontal hair loss is the most common. This is characterized by a front to back progression of hair loss. For most men there is generally more limited hair loss in the crown, even with advanced hair loss, the hair loss moves back until with many it causes baldness from the front to the crown, leaving the sides and back of the head producing a fair amount of hair. Direction of hair growth enables coverage of the area immediately in front of it and to the side to give the most natural appearance

Frequently Asked Questions

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration we use the most advanced SmartPRP® therapy, securing billions of platelets to produce impeccable result.

SmartPRP® solutions is for both men and woman suffering from hair loss. Almost everyone is a candidate for this procedure. Request a one-on-one consultation at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration to determine if the Platelet Rich Plasma procedure is right for you.

The frequency of Platelet Rich Plasma therapy depends on the degree of hair loss of a person. Advantage of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is its potency and efficacy therefore, thus making applications less frequent.

Quick! Mild swelling of the scalp with redness lasting only a few days.

SmartPRP® therapy is an outpatient therapy, starting with a simple blood drawn! The whole process takes less than 45-60 minutes.