Why is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) more expensive than Strip Harv

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Posted on : September 01, 2015 | Category : Hair Transplant | Author: John Kahen

Is FUE more expensive

When Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) first became popular it was considered to be exotic and unique and its high price appeared to be justified. Ten dollars a graft was considered a bargain and because few hair clinics offered it the price per graft was often as high as twelve and fifteen dollars. This isn’t an exotic and new procedure anymore. It is extremely common and is offered by almost every clinic offering hair restoration. So, the question is, why does FUE remain so expensive after all this time? Most of the time potential patients fail to understand the real difference between FUE and Strip Harvest thus become hesitant about paying the extra cash for FUE. While both methods achieve quality and natural looking results, the main difference is that strip harvest leaves a small linear scar and FUE is suggested for those that wear their hair buzzed. Aside from this, it is completely a matter of preference for the patient. The price of FUE has dropped over the years but is still pricier that strip harvest procedure. Here are a few reasons why FUE is harder on the wallet:

1.) It takes more skill to extract healthy grafts via FUE vs. Strip Harvest. Extracting FUE grafts is nothing like extracting a donor strip for strip harvest procedure. FUE is a much more tedious procedure than strip harvest.

2.) FUE procedure is more taxing on the doctor and longer hours are required.

3.) With FUE, the patient is paying a premium for the advantages of shorter hairstyles and no visible scar.