Hair Transplant Cost at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration




At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration the hair transplant cost is insurmountable compared to the award-winning results we provide. The time Dr. Kahen takes establishing the artistry in the site creation delivers unbelievably natural-looking results. The expenditure on hair restoration treatments is worth the value in terms of a lifetime investment.

Keep in mind that not all the PRP solutions are the same.We have the most potent PRP solution period! We are the experts and have immaculate results to show!

We spare no expense in our goal of maintaining our reputation as one of the best clinics in the industry. The surgical team carries out a maximum of one hair transplant procedure per day which helps in attaining a meticulous standard with no set limit time frame. At BHHR we charge per graft, never per hair. Many hair transplant clinics have recently utilized the advertising technique of charging per hair. The hairs are nearly impossible to count, leaving you paying more for their rough estimate.  

Hair Transplant procedure cost depends on these factors:

        *The size of the area that needs to be transplanted

        *The degree of hair loss

        *The amount of thickness you wish to achieve

        *How quickly you want to achieve your final goal

Patients either choose a gradual approach or choose to have as many grafts as possible extracted at once. The cost of a graft is reduced with the increase in the number of grafts per procedure and is determined during the consultation process. With either approach, we assure you that the results pay for themselves. 





Consider not the cost per graft but the cost per graft that grows; you can't get a better value than you do with the vastly experienced, scientifically dedicated artistic staff at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. 

Oftentimes, if the procedure is not performed properly you end up paying more than initially stated. Dr. Kahen takes the time to artistically craft each transplanted graft that grows hair and properly places the hair in the natural direction of the hair growth. 

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we don't believe in graft splitting and dissecting the follicular graft units, many clinics do this because smaller grafts cost you more. Instead, we charge per graft and actual follicular. Sometimes, due to poor or careless technique, you result in a loss of native hair. Due to this, many people end up spending more at so-called bargain clinics for having to return again and again to fix their mistakes.



At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we understand the cost of a hair transplant procedure is a lifetime investment.  Since hair transplant surgery is not covered by insurance, we understand the limitations that arise when considering a procedure.

As an alternative, we offer financing options for qualified hair transplant patients. This allows the patient to spread out the cost of the procedure into payments making it more affordable.

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To book your procedure $1,000 deposit is due at the time of scheduling. The remainder of the balance is due 14 days before the procedure. 
Consult with us for an estimate on your particular hair goals- a simple personal call or email can start your road to hair restoration. We will gladly answer all your questions. Remember, choosing the right hair transplant surgeon can be the most important decision you will make in your hair restoration journey.

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