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platelet rich plasma treatment

Platelet-rich plasma comprises two elements: plasma, or the fluid section of blood, and platelets. It is a type of blood cell that plays a vital role in curing throughout the body. Platelets are generally known for their clotting abilities. Still, on the other side, they also comprise the growth factors that can induce cell-reproduction and excite tissue regeneration or curing in the treated parts. 

Being an industry leader in hair restoration, Beverly Hills Hair Restoration offers Tru Dos®, a platelet counter that ensures the exact dose of SmartPRP® specifications is administered based on the hair restoration requirements of the client.

Nowadays, SmartPRP hair treatment for hair loss is the latest edition added to treat hair problems and their regrowth. SmartPRP® therapy for male and female hair loss is becoming more efficient in restoring hair loss when done precisely. Several other users have examined positive outcomes, due to which the SmartPRP® hair treatment is gaining popularity rapidly.  

To form platelet rich plasma, surgeons take a blood sample from the sufferer and put it under the device known as a centrifuge that instantly rotates the sample, isolates the other blood components from the platelets, and combines them within the plasma. 

What is SmartPRP® for Hair restoration?

For several years now, Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment has been used traditionally as a regenerative mechanism. SmartPRP® therapy is among the latest and most advanced hair restoration technologies. This therapy is performed without surgery and makes use of our body’s natural healing power that comes from blood platelets. It is the perfect hair loss option for both men and women looking for a less invasive method of hair restoration. 
We are the genuine inventors of this SmartPRP® -oriented technology of hair treatment. As a standalone procedure, SmartPRP® enhances the strong, healthy, and beautiful growth of hair follicles. This PRP platelet rich plasma hair loss treatment is also merged with every transplant at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration.

SmartPRP® technology produces desirable results that are unmatched compared to other hair restoration clinics since we invented the platelet counter and centrifuge technology that contribute to very effective results. We believe that every SmartPRP® treatment should be personalized to meet the client’s needs because each client has unique hair restoration requirements. 

How Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Work?

Apart from the plasma, the red blood cells are left with a high and strong constitution of platelets. Our hair loss specialist Dr. John Kahen utilizes it to inject the head below the level of the hair follicles. The precise method comprises injecting the scalp at a distance of every half inch near the baldness region. Usually, it takes about half an hour for the procedure to be completed effectively.

As this method is traditional, certain specific aspects might be kept in mind while experiencing the same. This also assures that the work of the Smart PRP injections is practical and executed as assumed.  

How SmartPRP® Hair Treatment is Performed?

Blood is diagnosed through regular blood testing methods. The method comprises extracting out one's blood and centrifuging it to assemble the plasma with platelets in the tube. This plasma rich in platelets and growing aspects is very useful in tissue regeneration and restoration. The method excludes granulocytes which harm tissue regrowing and healing of the wound. A high concentration of platelets has to be applied to the head, where the hair loss has started. Thus, preparing the authority to obtain SmartPRP® is required. For this, the head is induced to activate the injury-healing method. Topical anesthesia is used on the part of the head where SmartPRP® is to be inserted. The rich, concentrated platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the head. The patient's hair is then rinsed, and the patient is liable to go back home without any help. No sedation or drugs are given at the time of the method to trigger the ability to reach or utilize machinery.SmartPRP® hair treatment can be of three types:

  • preoperative
  • intraoperative
  • post-operative

Certain patients opt to go under PRP treatment Los Angeles. Every three to four months. Several surgeons inject injections with a gap of 1 to 9 months, and specific enhancement could be predicted in the initial 2-6 months. The procedure must be perpetual to sustain growth. 

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Is SmartPRP® Therapy Safe to be Used?

SmartPRP® hair treatments do not induce any danger of allergy, hypersensitivity, or anybody's reaction. Moreover, it is the most secure option for several patients. SmartPRP® has been utilized in other medication and surgical disciplines for several years. However, the decision to go under the SmartPRP® hair treatment is personal and should be made after consulting and detailed research with the surgeon. SmartPRP® is a secure and natural process because it comprises concentrated good cells from your head and injects them straightly back into the regions where it is required. There is no way to catch an infection from another person. SmartPRP® comprises utilizing your cells that are not altered or changed, and your immune system would not refuse them. 

Results of SmartPRP® Hair Treatment

You can not rely on SmartPRP® for perpetual effects. Adding more on it, androgenetic alopecia is induced by the hormone DHT, and SmartPRP® does not do anything to lessen the influence of this hormone. DHT blockers and additional hair loss products might still require to be utilized for optimal enduring outcomes. Despite certain drawbacks, SmartPRP® injections have depicted positive therapeutic results for hair loss for females and males without any specific side effects. The efficiency of utilizing this treatment to boost hair falling and its volume as a standalone treatment.  

SmartPRP® Hair Loss Treatment Cost

When it is about the treatment for hair loss, Platelet rich plasma treatment cost differs on the kind of process, if micro-needling or A-cell is involved, and the entire number of procedures required. The standard cost of one treatment varies, and one opts for SmartPRP® hair treatment, you have to go under three to four sessions. The more severe your hair loss efficiency, the more sessions you require.  

Safety of SmartPRP®

SmartPRP® hair treatment for hair loss and the head is recognized as very safe because:

  • The process is immunologically neutral and has no threat of allergies, hypersensitivity, or anybody's reactions. 
  • SmartPRP® is a hygienic method that has to be utilized at every step of SmartPRP® initialization and usage. It is quite assistive if the patient has a subsequent medical situation that lets them away from infection. 
  • SmartPRP® has inflammation for a shorter period on the sites of wounds, therefore, lessening any potent injection.   

SmartPRP® hair treatment is a procedure that does not need any FDA approval. However, in the US, the tool utilized to make SmartPRP® must have approval by the FDA. Presently, the FDA has not permitted SmartPRP therapy for hair restoration. 

Moving further, SmartPRP® is also used for hair restoration that has provided the best outcomes. With the help of thin needles, the patient's self SmartPRP® is injected into the head. The hair growth aspects within the blood cells then come into action and induce the growth of hair. This procedure is also applicable to both males and females. The effects of this therapy are as expected and dense hair. 

SmartPRP® at times might be painful and uncomfortable, so to avoid this condition, local anesthesia or cooling spray is usually used. There are seemingly no adverse effects of the process. Moreover, you will be able to get back to your work the next day, and there will be no marks of the SmartPRP® injections.  

Advantages of SmartPRP® Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma is an exclusive, out-of-the-box, advanced treatment that utilizes the patient's blood to raise the body's healing method naturally. With several years of use in the fields of sports medicine, this treatment has now become famous. Medical experts have determined the amazing advantages of utilizing SmartPRP® hair treatment as cosmetic concerns, for instance, PRP for hair loss and aging. However, this method initially sounds very unusual and rare, but we promise you to render the most efficient process. Following are the specific advantages and disadvantages of SmartPRP® treatment are as follows:

1. Use Your Blood

One of the prime benefits of SmartPRP® therapy is that the method utilizes your blood. This lessens the threat of the body ejecting or a negative reaction to the procedure using your blood. This lessens the threat of the body rejecting or negative reaction to the process and raises the security and sanitary character of the complete method. 

2. Works with the Body's Natural Healing

because SmartPRP® treatment induces the body's natural healing method. You can assure that your outcomes will appear natural and impressive. With SmartPRP, you will look at a younger, more energetic persona. 

3. Effective Skin Care and Hair Loss

SmartPRP® hair treatment has proved to be very efficient that diminishing the impact of aging on the skin, letting softer skin, enhancing skin tone, and more. Moreover, it triggers hair growth when injected into the scalp. 

4. No Required Downtime

One of the idle factors of SmartPRP® is that reactions such as numbing or tenderness at the injection site are not for a longer period. No extended days or time is required, and you can get back to your work the following day. In several cases, patients who undergo the SmartPRP® hair treatment experience fast results within short weeks. 

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Being the pioneers and leading experts of Platelet Rich Plasma hair restoration, we at Beverly Hils Hair Restoration invented and implemented a very effective solution to eliminating hair loss: SmartPRP®. Our hair restoration specialist Dr. John Kahen uses Platelet Rich Plasma technology to overcome the hair loss issue. Unlike other SmartPRP® technologies, SmartPRP® is capable of generating billions of growth factors and platelets. 

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