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menopause hair loss

At some point in any woman’s life, a biological process called menopause is bound to happen. It happens to older women, and once it kicks in, one can hardly bear children. In this phase of life, the body experiences several physical changes. These changes are brought about by the level of hormones fluctuating. When menopause hair loss kicks in, many women experience unpleasant symptoms. These symptoms include insomnia, mood swings, and hot flashes. Does menopause cause hair loss? Let’s find out.

Another common symptom that happens during this period is menopause hair loss. Compared to men, hair loss in women tends to be more subtle. Women usually experience overall hair thinning, unlike men who get noticeable bald spots. Hair thinning in women can also occur on top of the head, on the sides, and or in front of the head. While in menopause, women can also experience hair falling out when showering or brushing.

Studies have shown that women usually go through menopause and hair loss as a result of hormonal imbalance. In many cases, this imbalance is brought about by lowered progesterone and estrogen production. The work of these two types of hormones is to ensure that hair grows much farther and stays in the scalp longer. Once progesterone and estrogen levels drop, hair starts growing slower while thinning, leading to menopause hair loss.

As these hormones begin to decrease, it triggers high production of androgen. This is a group of male hormones. Androgens make hair follicles shrink. However, there are instances where these hormones cause facial hair growth. That is the reason why some women who are undergoing menopause experience what is called facial “peach fuzz,” which may be small, accompanied by sprouts of hair on the chin.

Women who are going through menopause will definitely pin their menopause hair loss on hormonal imbalance. However, not all hair loss conditions are related to hormonal imbalance. There are also other factors that can cause hair loss in menopause. These factors may include high-stress levels, lack of certain nutrients, lack of sleep, and sickness. Complete blood count and thyroid tests are some of the diagnostic blood tests that can help rule out other causes of hair loss.

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The Psychological Impact

A ‘bad hair day’ is a common phrase that everyone can relate to, especially women. It means lacking the confidence to do what you usually do. Menopause hair loss tends to affect their self-confidence negatively. “We live in an age of easy image sharing and broadcasting, with the side-effect that our appearance is exposed to judgment. Even though hair loss is not life-threatening and considered cosmetic in many cases, the effects on patients’ quality of life are real,” says Denning.

Studies have been done to prove this. Although hair loss affects both men and women, its effects are more devastating in women than men. These effects can sometimes lead to severe depression and social withdrawal. Menopause hair loss makes many people feel self-conscious about their physical looks. However, this condition is only temporary. Improving the quality of your hair only needs a few tips. Go through these steps that will help make your locks stay strong and healthy during menopause.

Avoid Stress

One of the ways to avoid menopause hair loss is to prevent a hormonal imbalance. Subjecting yourself to extreme stress leads to hormonal imbalance. When the production of estrogen reduces, it may lead to mood swings due to the negative brain chemistry. One may also experience anxiety and depression, which also cause menopause hair loss. Other ways of getting rid of symptoms brought about by menopause include taking yoga lessons and breathing relaxation. Regular exercise is also effective in reducing and relieving stress.\

Get Moving

One key component of a healthy lifestyle is exercising regularly. Incorporating various body exercises into your daily routine makes you feel happier and stronger. Moreover, regular exercise prevents some of the symptoms brought about by menopause. These symptoms include gaining weight, insomnia, and mood swings. If you want to maintain hormonal balance and enhance healthy and steady hair growth, all these factors are crucial. Don’t over-exercise, though. Pick a suitable exercise routine that works best for you. Some great ideas include taking evening walks with close friends, jogging, or joining a gym.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

If you want to prevent perimenopause hair loss during menopause, then you need to stick to a healthy diet. One that is low in fats to prevent hair loss. The diet should also include sufficient amounts of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains in each meal you take. Incorporating sesame and olive oils in your diet is also good because they are mono-saturated oils. Other ways to restore healthy hair growth are by taking vitamin B6, drinking green tea, and taking folic acid supplements. You can also maintain healthy hair growth by including fatty acids in your diet. Foods that contain fatty acids include salmon, tuna, flaxseed oil, almonds, and walnuts.

Keep your Body Hydrated all the Time

In order to function properly, our bodies require an adequate supply of water. This means that your body needs to be hydrated all the time. All day long, you need to keep your body pumped up with H2O. You can avoid drinks that contain more sugar than your body requires. These fluids include juices, flavored drinks, and sodas. Sufficient water intake varies from person to person. These factors include exercise intensity and overall health. The rule of thumb is aiming to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water on a daily basis.

Stay Natural

If you want to prevent hair breakages and drying, the best thing to do is to avoid using hair straightening irons, dryers, and all heat tools. Your natural hair can also be weakened by poor hair styling methods and hair extensions. This may lead to menopause hair loss. For those who want to dye their hair, the ideal option is to choose colors that are all-natural. Your scalp and hair health may be compromised by perms and dyes, which contain artificial chemicals. Stick to nourishing hair conditioners if you want to promote and maintain healthy hair growth when washing your hair. If you intend to swim, ensure you put on a swimming cap because chlorine causes hair breakage. Staying in the sun and the wind for long may dry your hair or cause hair breakage. It is important, therefore, to wear a hat to avoid elements.

Consult with Your Doctor About Your Medications

There are certain medications that have hair loss as their side effects. It is good to talk to your doctor if you think that your medications are causing hair loss. Your doctors may switch your medical subscription to other medications that don’t cause menopause hair loss. Until you have consulted with your doctor and he has given you a way forward, don’t stop taking your medications, as this may endanger your health.


Therefore, this is all about hair loss caused due to menopause. The condition of menopause hair loss is for a short time. But still, if you feel large clumps of hair while rinsing, then it is time to visit Hair restoration Beverly Hills to diagnose the problem on time. Thus, at us, you will get the advanced treatment at the best prices. We assure you to provide you the lost confidence.

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