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Posted on : August 18, 2022 | Category : Transgender Hair Transplant | Author: John Kahen

transgender hair transplant finance

Whether male-to-female or female-to-male transgender patient, you must achieve your aesthetic goals. Many people are now embracing transgender transitions, and reshaping and adjusting the hairline is necessary to make the transformation perfect. This is possible by considering a transgender hair transplant. 

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic, we are glad to be of assistance in your transgender hair transplant journey, and we can offer financial assistance, too, if you like. This article examines how you can access hair transplant finance at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic for transgender hair transplants

What is Transgender Hair Transplant?

A transgender hair transplantation procedure refers to a hair transplant procedure that is meant to perfect the transition process for transgender individuals. To get the perfect appearance during the transition, you need to get your hairline reshaped or adjusted. For transgender patients transitioning from female to male, FUE hair transplant on finance can help them get a full head of hair. This hair transplant technique can also help male-to-female transgender patients achieve a more feminine hairline. 

Among the transgender community, the hair transplant procedure is popular because it helps to add thickness to thinning areas of the scalp and improve the hairline. Our Doctors tailors each hair transplant procedure to fit the patient's needs at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic. Before each procedure, Dr. John Kahen discusses with the patient proper measures during consultation because male and female hairlines look different. This will depend on whether the patient require an MTF or FTM transgender hair transplant

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Transgender Hair Transplantation Techniques

Our doctors use advanced hair restoration techniques for harvesting and implanting graft hairs during an FTM or MTF hair restoration. Our skills and experience will get you the best-desired results. 

1. Transplant Procedures for MTF Patients

An MTF transgender hairline aims to create a soft feminine look that looks natural. Commonly referred to as transgender hairline lowering, this hair restoration procedure is often performed to produce a more rounded feminine hairline that frames the face from an existing masculine hairline. To further improve the appearance of an MTF transgender patient and make it more feminine, eyebrow hair is sometimes necessary. This will help to enhance hair regrowth while addressing normal MPHL. 

2. Transplant Procedures for FTM Patients 

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic helps FTM transgender patients who want to achieve a more masculine look by providing transgender facial hair transplants to create mustaches, beards, and sideburns. To restore hair, FTM transgender patients can undergo hair transplant procedures to other areas of the body, such as the chest, abdomen, and pubic regions. FTM hair transplant procedures easily meet hair restoration goals for each patient.

Hormonal therapy usually increases facial hair growth and the patient's body; therefore, an FTM hair restoration procedure may be necessary. 

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Financing Hair Transplant

If you have difficulty paying cash for your hair transplant procedure, you can reduce costs by exploring various hair transplant finance packages. Dr. John Kahen knows that not everyone can afford to pay upfront to undergo a hair transplant procedure. All patients, regardless of their finances, can afford our treatments. That is why we offer flexible hair transplant finance options that work with any budget. The free consultation session lets you discuss a suitable payment plan with the doctor that won't strain your finances. Our doctors allow patients seeking hair transplant procedures to spread payments by paying a few hundred dollars in installments over an agreed period. This arrangement does not charge any interest. 

Book an appointment with our doctor today to know and understand all our offers.

Hair Transplant Financing Procedure

Many insurance providers hardly offer coverage for hair transplants or cosmetic procedures. We empathize with patients who require hair transplants. A cash deposit of $1,000 is needed when scheduling a procedure with Dr. John Kahen. The rest is due 14 days before the hair transplant. 


Transgender patients who want to undergo hair transplant procedures and require ways to finance hair transplant procedures can schedule an appointment with our doctor at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic. You will get a detailed explanation from our staff concerning the hair transplant finance process offered by us.

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