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Follicular Unit Transplantation, also known as 'FUT Hair Transplant,' is a hair restoration technique that makes an ideal option to restore or rebuild hairlines that have been affected by age-related hair loss or androgenetic alopecia. Dr. John Kahen of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration combines every follicular unit transplantation with SmartPRP®, also known as Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF). The merging of these advanced patented hair restoration techniques exclusive at BHHR creates a conducive environment for the implanted graft hair to survive and flourish. It also allows the original hair to be healthier and stronger than ever before.

Dr. Kahen is known worldwide to perform the best FUT procedure because of his surgical skills. Using a special Dr. Kahen technique called trichophytic closure, the linear line is minimal depending on the patient's skin type. Dr. Kahen ensures that the FUT procedure is performed properly. At the end of the FUT procedure, we will restore your hairline and self-confidence. 

Who Would

Benefit from FUT Hair Transplantation?

The FUT Hair transplantation procedure is an ideal hair restoration procedure performed in men and women undergoing age-related hair loss, bald spots, and thinning hair. Men are commonly affected by hair loss more than women because of the hormone DHT and genetic factors. Some of the common hair loss forms include: 

Bald spots

Bald spots



Pattern baldness

Pattern baldness

Thinning hair

Thinning hair

What is FUT Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is a common condition that affects 40 percent of women and 85 percent of men. Follicular unit transplantation or FUT is a minimally invasive procedure to restore lost hair and hair loss caused by bald spots. Hair transplant procedures can be traced back to 1939 in Japan. When it was performed in those days, the outcomes were unnatural and produced a plug-like look. The first natural-look results were achieved in 1995 when surgeons began transplanting individual hair follicles. Individual hair follicles are also called follicular units. Currently, there are two principal procedures used to transplant hair. They include: 

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The FUT surgery procedure is performed when a strip of skin is removed from the back of the patient's head, and individual hair follicles are extracted. The strands are then inserted into the balding area of the scalp. This type of hair restoration procedure makes an ideal option for patients with receding hairlines caused by male pattern baldness. Continue reading to get more insights about expectations during the FUT procedure, the difference between the FUT and FUE procedures, and eligible candidates for the FUT surgery.

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How does Follicular
Unit Hair Transplantation work?


While performing the FUT procedure, the doctor will start by cutting out a strip of skin from the patient's scalp, typically from the back of the head. The strip's size is the number of graft hairs required to cover the balding areas. Usually, the strip is not supposed to be more than 1 to 1.5 centimeters (0.4 to 0.6 inches) wide. Once the doctor has successfully harvested the required amount of hair follicles, they are transferred into the recipient zone of the scalp.

Performing the hair transplant surgery usually takes about 4 to 8 hours. Compared to FUE surgery, strip surgery usually takes less time to complete. Since local anesthesia is usually used to numb the patient's scalp, they can stay awake during the surgery without pain or discomfort. This is what you should expect during the follicular unit transplantation:

Prepping the harvest site

The doctor will start by mapping out the donor site using markings as a guide. This is meant to ensure that the patient's personal goals are met. The donor area is then shaved to make it easier to cut out the strip of skin. Local anesthesia is then utilized to numb the harvest area.

Removing the strip of tissue

Dr. Kahen uses a scalpel to excise out and remove a thin strip of tissue from the back of the head. Suturing the area carefully ensures that the thinnest linear scar is left.

Dissecting the implanted Grafts

The surgeon will use a microscope to closely examine the removed strip tissue. Doing so makes it easier to extract and count hair grafts to ensure enough to cover the recipient area. Dr. Kahen is a very experienced specialist with the expertise to perform the procedure. He will then prepare the grafted hair by dissecting air trimming them into groups called follicular units. A unit is either made up of one, two, three, or four hair follicles.

Prepping The Recipient area with SmartPRP®

Once the harvested grafts have been counted, inspected, and undergone rigorous quality control, the recipient zone is prepared with SmartPRP® – platelet-rich plasma, a patented procedure exclusive at BHHR. To ensure that the procedure produces maximum results, our doctors will run the patient's blood through a machine called Tru Dose®. This device is designed to determine the amount of SmartPRP® needed in the surgery. This process ensures that the recipient site has the perfect environment to promote growth in both the implanted and native hair. Our technique of FUT hair restoration is unique and makes us stand out from the rest by providing unparalleled results.

Implanting the Grafts

The artistic detail and the keen attention that Dr. Kahen uses to control the depth, orientation, and distribution of grafts are essential to produce the natural results that the patient is looking for. Once the recipient site is prepared and ready for implants, Dr. Kahen will carefully place the donor hair follicles into that area.

fut Procedure

Some of our Happy Customers

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration has a highly trained medical professionals team with outstanding results and individual care for every patient out there. Consequently, it won't come as a surprise when our patients speak to people about our services. Have a glance at some of the reviews mentioned by our clients below:

Benefits of FUT

FUT is one of the best options if you are trying to secure as many hair follicles as possible to maximize your hair’s density. Patients seeking a discreet procedure can benefit from this FUT procedure because only a small portion of the hair needs to be shaved and can easily be covered by the existing hair. The technique also offers a more natural look compared to other procedures. 

At Beverly Hills hair restoration, we serve patients in the Beverly HillsPalm desertSeattle and New York areas who want to overcome the negative effects of hair loss. 

Every FUT procedure at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is infused with Dr. Kahen’s SMART PRP®. This creates the perfect environment for the newly implanted hair follicles to flourish and allow your native hair to be in the healthiest condition it has ever been. Dr. Kahen is world-renowned for the almost invisible, microscopic linear scar that is left after the FUT procedure. Oftentimes, patients cannot see the line at all.

Below we have outlined the benefits of FUT procedure:

    • Cost-friendly 
    • Covers largest balded areas
    • Low resection rate 
    • Permanent natural hair look.
    • Minimally invasive procedure.
    • maximizes hair growth
    • More graft survival rate 
    • Time-saving 
    • Discreet Recovery
    • High-Quality Grafts

Frequently Asked Questions

The FUT procedure can be paid with cash, bank check, credit card, or financing plans. We accept Lending Club and Care Credit both. Zero percent financing is also available.Readmore

The FUT procedure is performed under local anesthesia with little to no discomfort.

The number of grafts each patient needs depends on their personal hair goals. During the consultation, we'll be able to see how many grafts are needed for your FUT procedure.

The FUT procedure can be paid with cash, bank check, credit card, or financing plans. We accept Lending Club and Care Credit both. Zero percent financing is also available.Read more

You may use hat a day after the FUT procedure. Wash the scalp 2-3 days after the procedure. No heavy lifting for a week. Ten days after the FUT procedure well inspect the incision and grafting area to make sure the healing process is advancing properly.

The same way we can't predict how many grafts a patient will need, we can't predict how much a FUT procedure will cost. BHHR takes pride in customizing treatment plans, and that includes the cost.

The FUT procedure can be paid with cash, bank check, credit card, or financing plans. We accept Lending Club and Care Credit both. Zero percent financing is also available.

BHHR's highly trained team provides exceptional care to all our patients, regardless of location. We have clients from all over the United States, including Seattle, Houston, Sacramento, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Florida, Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco, and many others. Our FUT procedure is affordable and convenient, which is why many patients from Western Europe and North America choose to have their hair transplants at our clinic. They prefer to avoid long waiting lists for procedures in their home countries.


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About Beverly Hills
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With around 40 years of experience in cosmetic procedures, Dr. John Kahen has the most experienced physicians at Beverly Hills Hair restoration. Not only this, but he also has many scar-repairing cases to his credit. Also, he is one of the surgeons who has brought scalp micropigmentation into practice. However, his artistic sense has only helped him deliver the best possible results with scalp micropigmentation. The sole aim of BHHR is the well-being of patients before, during, and after the procedure. Therefore, Dr. Kahen and his physicians work together, taking into account individual preferences and other things while performing hair transplant procedures.

First, schedule your consultation with Dr. John Kahen by calling 310.289.0901. Then, enjoy the guaranteed and immediate results of our hair restoration treatment.


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