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The FUT Hair Transplant in Los Angeles, performed by Dr. John Kahen at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic, combines follicular unit transplantation with SmartPRP® to enhance hair survival and health. This advanced technique supports both implanted and existing hair, promoting strength and vitality. Dr. Kahen's expertise and the trichophytic closure method minimise scarring, tailoring the procedure to individual skin types. The result is a restored hairline and renewed self-confidence, making BHHR a top choice for FUT procedures. Discover the transformative power of follicular unit hair transplantation with Dr. Kahen at BHHR - unlock your journey to renewed confidence today!



FUT Hair transplant is an ideal hair restoration performed in men and women undergoing age-related hair loss, bald spots, and thinning hair. Ideal candidates are those experiencing extensive balding, especially in the crown area, or those with pattern baldness. FUT is suited for individuals who require a high number of grafts to achieve fuller coverage and those with limited donor hair, offering a high rate of follicle survival and the potential for maximum hair density restoration.

Some of the common hair loss forms include: 

Bald spots

Bald spots



Pattern baldness

Pattern baldness

Thinning hair

Thinning hair

What is FUT Hair Transplant?

The FUT hair transplant is a surgical procedure designed to restore hair density to individuals experiencing hair loss. It involves removing a strip of scalp from a donor area, typically at the back of the head, where hair is more resistant to balding. This strip is then meticulously divided into individual follicular units containing one to several hairs. These units are transplanted to the balding or thinning areas of the scalp. Ideal for achieving maximum hair fullness and covering large bald spots, FUT is favored for its efficiency in transplanting a significant number of grafts in a single session, offering a lasting solution to hair loss. Discover the lasting solution to hair loss with fut hair transplantation.

What Should You Expect During
FUT Hair Transplant Procedure?

Fut Hair Transplant Procedure

While performing the fut hair transplant procedure at our clinic in Los Angeles, the doctor will start by cutting out a strip of skin from the patient's scalp, typically from the back of the head. The strip's size is the number of graft hairs required to cover the balding areas. Performing the Fut hair transplant surgery usually takes about 4 to 8 hours. Compared to FUE surgery, FUT surgery usually takes less time to complete.

Below are some points what you should expect during the follicular unit transplantation:-

Anesthesia Administration:

During the FUT procedure at our hair transplant clinic in Los Angeles, local anesthesia is administered to ensure the patient's comfort. This numbing agent is applied to the donor and recipient areas, minimizing discomfort during hair extraction and implantation.

Donor Hair Extraction Process:

Dr. Kahen carefully removes a strip of donor scalp tissue from the back or sides of the head, where hair growth is typically dense and unaffected by pattern baldness. This strip contains healthy hair follicles for transplantation.

Graft Preparation and Dissection:

The strip of donor tissue is dissected under microscopes into individual hair grafts. Each graft, containing one or several hair follicles, is carefully prepared to maximise viability and encourage successful growth post-transplantation.

Recipient Site Preparation:

Dr. Kahen delicately makes small incisions or slits in the recipient area affected by hair loss, following precise angles and patterns to mimic natural hair growth. This step is crucial for achieving aesthetically pleasing results.

Graft Implantation:

Dr. Kahen delicately places the prepared grafts into the recipient sites using specialised tools, ensuring proper orientation and distribution for a natural-looking outcome. This process maximises the survival and growth of transplanted hair follicles.

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Some of our Happy Customers

Dr. John Kahen, at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration renowned for his exceptional outcomes and individualised patient attention. The positive FUT hair transplant reviews from our satisfied patients underscore the quality of our services. Explore the testimonials shared by our clients to understand the high level of satisfaction achieved through our dedicated approach.

Benefits of FUT hair transplant

The benefits of FUT hair transplant include maximising hair density by securing many follicles in one session and offering a discreet option with minimal shaving that can be easily concealed. This method allows for transplanting many follicles in a single session, making it a cost-effective solution for achieving fuller hair coverage. Another benefit of FUT hair transplantation includes a high graft survival rate, ensuring long-lasting results. Moreover, although it is a surgical procedure, the recovery period is comparatively brief, enabling patients to resume their normal activities with minimal disruption. These FUT hair transplant benefits are the preferred choice for many seeking effective hair restoration solutions.


    Below are some of the benefits of FUT hair transplant:

    • Cost-friendly 
    • Covers largest balded areas
    • Low resection rate 
    • Permanent natural hair look.
    • Minimally invasive procedure.
    • maximizes hair growth
    • More graft survival rate 
    • Time-saving 
    • Discreet Recovery
    • High-Quality Grafts

Frequently Asked Questions

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) involves removing a strip of scalp from the donor area to harvest hair follicles, which leaves a linear scar. On the other hand, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) extracts individual hair follicles directly from the scalp without a strip, resulting in less noticeable scarring and a shorter recovery time. FUT is generally chosen for its efficiency in covering larger bald areas, while FUE is preferred for its minimal scarring and flexibility in hair styling. You can check our Fue vs Fut comparion for more informatiom.

Determining candidacy for a FUT hair transplant depends on various factors such as hair loss pattern, donor hair availability, and overall health. Ideal candidates typically have sufficient donor hair and realistic expectations regarding outcomes. Consulting with a qualified hair transplant specialist Dr. John Kahen can provide personalised insights based on your specific circumstances, helping you make an informed decision.

Yes, FUT hair transplant can be used for women experiencing hair loss. While it's more commonly associated with male pattern baldness, women with thinning hair or bald spots can benefit from the procedure. However, individual candidacy depends on factors like the extent of hair loss, donor hair availability, and overall health. Consulting with a Dr. John Kahen can determine suitability and potential outcomes for women.

A FUT hair transplant generally costs between $4 and $8 per graft. The total cost fluctuates depending on factors such as the severity of hair loss and the quantity of grafts needed. It's essential to consult with Dr. John Kahen for an accurate assessment and personalized cost estimate tailored to individual needs and goals.

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is performed under local anesthesia, ensuring minimal discomfort during the procedure. Patients may experience mild discomfort or pressure sensations, but pain is typically well-managed. After the procedure, some soreness or discomfort may occur, but it can be alleviated with prescribed medications. FUT is generally well-tolerated by patients with proper anesthesia and post-operative care.

After FUT surgery, it's crucial to follow specific scalp care guidelines for optimal healing. Keep the scalp clean and dry, following post-operative instructions provided by Dr. John Kahen. Avoid strenuous activities and direct sun exposure to minimize swelling and discomfort. Gently wash your hair as advised, avoiding harsh chemicals or rubbing the scalp vigorously. Protect the scalp from potential trauma and avoid scratching or picking at scabs. Attend follow-up appointments for monitoring and guidance on long-term care. By adhering to these recommendations, you promote proper healing and enhance the success of your FUT hair transplant procedure.

Yes, you can typically resume light exercise after a FUT surgery, but following Dr. Kahen's specific post-operative instructions is crucial. Initially, it's advised to avoid strenuous activities that could strain the healing incision site, such as heavy lifting or vigorous aerobic workouts. However, light activities like walking can promote circulation and aid recovery. Always prioritize rest and listen to your body's signals. Consult with Dr. Kahen for personalized guidance tailored to your healing progress and any unique considerations from your procedure.

Yes, the FUT hair transplant usually results in a linear scar along the donor area where the strip of the scalp is excised. However, Dr. John Kahen use advanced techniques such as trichophytic closure to minimise scarring. Over time, the scar often becomes less noticeable, especially when hair grows back around it.


Yes, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) hair transplant results are typically permanent. The transplanted hair follicles resist the hormone DHT, responsible for male pattern baldness. Once these follicles are successfully transplanted into the recipient area, they continue to grow hair indefinitely, providing long-lasting and natural-looking results for the patient.

The duration of the FUT procedure typically ranges from 4 to 8 hours. This time frame may vary depending on factors such as the extent of hair loss, the size of the recipient area, and the number of grafts needed. However, compared to FUE surgery, FUT procedures often require less time for completion.

No, you typically don't need to cut your hair extensively for a FUT hair transplant. During the procedure, the donor area where the strip of scalp is harvested is usually trimmed short. However, the surrounding hair in the recipient area where the grafts will be transplanted remains untouched, allowing for a discreet and natural-looking outcome.

The number of grafts required varies depending on individual factors, such as the extent of hair loss, desired hair density, and the characteristics of the donor area. Typically, consultations with Dr. John Kahen involve assessing these factors to determine the optimal number of grafts needed for satisfactory results. Factors such as hair texture, color, and scalp laxity also influence graft requirements. During the consultation with Dr. Kahen evaluates these aspects and provides personalized recommendations to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome, ensuring each patient's most influential and natural-looking results.


Yes, FUT can be combined with treatments like PRP therapy for enhanced results.

BHHR's highly trained team provides exceptional care to all our patients, regardless of location. We have clients from all over the United States, including Los Angeles, Beverly hills, Palm Desert. Our FUT procedure is affordable and convenient, which is why many patients from Western Europe and North America choose to have their hair transplants at our clinic. They prefer to avoid long waiting lists for procedures in their home countries.

About Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

About Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration stands out as the premier choice for those seeking a strip hair transplant clinic in California. With around 17 years of experience in Hair transplantation procedures, Dr. John Kahen is one of the most experienced Hair Transplant surgeon for both men & women at BHHR. Also, he is recognized as a pioneer in FUT hair transplant procedures. Dr. Kahen's exceptional artistic talent has consistently yielded outstanding outcomes in hair restoration. The sole aim of BHHR is the well-being of patients before, during, and after the procedure. Therefore, Dr. Kahen and his team work together, taking individual preferences into account and other things while performing hair transplant procedures.

For the most affordable hair transplantation in the Los Angeles, consider Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. Dr. John Kahen offers top-notch expertise in hair transplantation at competitive prices. We serve patients in the Beverly Hills & Palm Desert, areas who want to overcome the negative effects of hair loss. 

First, schedule hair transplant consultation with Dr. John Kahen by calling 310.289.0901. Then, enjoy the guaranteed and immediate results of our hair restoration treatment.


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