Micro Pigmentation-Textured 3D SMP

Scalp And Eyebrow Micropigmentation 3D

Micropigmentation is a solution for men and women suffering from general hair loss. BHHR is one of the first hair transplant clinics with over 10 years of experience to offer Mircopigmentation 3D with mastered skills of a celebrity tattoo artist.We are the one of the top Scalp and Eyebrow 3D Micropigmentation Specialists in Beverly Hills. This state of the art 3D technique used in conjunction with or without hair restoration procedure can mimic hair follicles. It is also used to camouflage hair transplant scar. Micropigmentation creates the appearance of your own natural hair. Scalp and eyebrow 3D Micro-pigmentation is a cosmetic hair replacement option and it doesn’t require hair grafting or implantation. Patient’s will have the appearance of a cropped hairstyle. We offer this cosmetic technique to patients who suffer from: alopecia, natural hair loss, and patients who are completely bald. Our patients find the biggest perk of micropigmentation is the low maintenance associated with the technique.

Is it permanent?
Micropigmentation is permanent. We compare our technique to traditional tattoos and permanent makeup. We offer Micropigmentation in packages. Over time the ink will fade and require touch ups, the same way a regular tattoo will fade. We suggest using sunscreen to help avoid premature fading.

How can Micropigmentation help me?
The Micropigmentation technique can create the appearance of a fuller and thicker head of hair or eyebrows. This technique can help restore your frontal hairline and any other balding areas on the scalp. Patients have used Micropigmentation to help hide scars or birthmarks.

What results can you expect from Micropigmentation?
We customize treatment plans for each individual patient. Whatever your circumstances or desired outcome, our aim is to meet your individual expectations. At BHHR our goal is perfection, we give each patient individual solutions for their hair loss.

Is Micropigmentation a medical procedure?
Micropigmentation isn’t a medical procedure, it is a medical technique. We do use medical grade needles and the technique is performed by a medical professional. While you’re in a medical office, Micropigmentation is not an invasive surgery.