Beverly Hills Restoration, a clinic in the service of people in need of a healthier and attractive hair. We offer world-class services in hair restoration and rekindle the hope of millions of people suffering from hair loss.

Our doctors, technicians and staff treat every patient like a member of their own family and are equipped in providing the highest quality care in hair transplant surgery. We listen to our patients so they get the most out of their experience. We strive to provide our patients artistry in hair restoration with unparalleled results and optimal service from the moment they walk in our doors and months later when they come back for their follow-up appointment. We understand the importance of creating relationships with our patients, their families and loved ones, so there is no doubt they are receiving the best care in hair restoration, surgical hair loss treatments and nonsurgical solutions.


Hair loss is one condition that may not affect your health but typically affects both the self-esteem and the daily life of the sufferer. When you can confidently leave the house without covering your scalp with a hat, that's when you truly feel like the best version of yourself.

When hair restoration becomes a viable option as a hair loss solution, it's important to choose a clinic that takes pride in not only optimal patient care, but also in the art of hair restoration. The "art" of the procedure is creating a natural hairline determined by both the surgeon and the patient. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is a renowned clinic dedicated to artistry in hair restoration and creating an aesthetically pleasing and natural hairline for the patient.


Results are crucial to the process of hair transplant surgery. Not even six months after the hair transplant, patients will see the results that set our clinic apart from the rest. We take pride in an undetectable hair transplant that is both minimally invasive and nominally scarring for the patient. The results at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration are unparalleled, providing the patient with a head of hair they can be proud to show off as if they had never had the procedure at all.


Beverly Hills Hair Restoration performs a maximum of one procedure a day, allowing both the surgeon and the technicians to completely dedicate themselves to the patient during the entire procedure. A hair transplant procedure can be performed in many ways. Here at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we provide a comfortable experience and strive to ensure our patients feel little to no pain during the procedure, and post-operative the first several days after the transplant when the scalp begins to heal. We have adopted a specialized technique to give you the most natural results from hair transplant surgery. Our cutting edge technique uses custom-made blades, so that when the hair grows in, the hair follicles lie on top of each other, giving you a full head of hair and an undetectable hair transplant.