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Textured Hair Transplant

Textured hair restoration is not as easy to perform as it seems. You need the best hair restoration surgeon to perform this delicate procedure. Dr. John Kahen from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic performs the best hair restoration procedures, including textured hair transplants. 

What is a Textured Hair Transplant?

Unlike other hair restoration procedures, performing textured hair restoration is quite complicated. You must seek professional hair restoration treatments from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic in Los Angeles. No matter the patient's skin type, hair loss severity, and color, anyone can undergo textured hair restoration through the hands of Dr. John Kahen. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in performing textured hair transplants and the hair restoration procedures commonly asked for. His sophisticated technology and high artistry qualify him as Los Angeles's most excellent hair restoration surgeon. Patients who have sought African American hair transplants from Dr. Kahen can attest to his brilliance. 

What you Should Know About African American Hair Restoration?

Many African Americans who have hair loss feel that they are not eligible for a hair transplant African American procedure. This is just a misconception. The reason is that they have distinctive hair characteristics. A surgical advantage comes with having curly hair during an African American hair transplant

The advantage of that the surgeon doesn't need to harvest many hair grafts to achieve the desired thickness. The curly nature of the hair creates an illusion of more hair strands. 

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How Textured Hair Transplant Works On African Americans?

The best hair restoration technique for a surgeon to perform a hair transplant for African Americans hair is the FUE hair transplant. African Americans' hair texture is genetically designed to have curls and wavy hair. The hair follicles produce curly hair strands. Harvesting curly hair poses quite a challenge during the procedure. The challenge is not only in the graft hair harvesting process but also in the implantation process. The surgeon needs to introduce a few adjustments to make the procedure successful. 

Dr. John Kahen from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic utilizes advanced hair restoration equipment called SmartGraft technology. This technology works best with the FUE hair transplant procedure to achieve any desired outcome. The beauty of using this equipment is that it doesn't leave a linear scar because the procedure is less intrusive. 

Hair follicles found at the back or sides of an African American's scalp are usually healthier than hair follicles found at the temple, frontal, hairline, mid-scalp, and crown areas. Seeking textured hair transplant treatment from a reputable surgeon using the Smart Graft for Hair Transplant will produce thicker, denser results using the least graft hairs. The surgeon will transfer donor hairs skillfully into the recipient area. This will permanently ensure that the new hair follicles live, grow, and thrive well in the new environment. 

Understanding The Process

Hair transplants may have two approaches: Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and Follicular unit extraction (FUE).

1. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT):

The FUT hair transplant approach involves cutting out a strip of scalp from the back of your head. Once the strip is removed, the surgeon will stretch the skin from either side in the donor area to try and cover the surgery area. The removed strip of skin is then removed and dissected carefully into tiny pieces. The units are then moved or transplanted into the balding areas.

2. Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

FUE Hair transplant is the preferable approach between the two. The Smart FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles is the latest hair transplant technique, and it delivers excellent results that look quite natural. FUE is also minimally invasive compared to FUT. The FUE hair transplant procedure extracts or removes individual hair follicles from the donor area using a punch-like device. This device makes a series of holes when harvesting individual hair follicles. The Neograft hair extraction technique makes the FUE hair transplant procedure more precise and quicker. The size of the recipient area will select the number of graft hairs that requires harvesting. 

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How does African Hair Transplant Differ?

African American men are unique candidates for hair restoration procedures because their hair has a few characteristics. 

The curled hair that African American men have used gives hair restoration surgeons a hard time extracting donor hairs from the back of the head. 

Many African American men maintain a straighter, low-lying hairline than Asian and Caucasian men, who typically have a higher mature hairline when they become adults.

In African American men, donor hair density usually is lower than in Caucasians. However, a higher volume produced by the curly hair compensates for the lower overall donor reserve found on the scalp.

Benefits of African-American Textured Hair Transplantation

  • SmartGraft works efficiently in African American hair restoration 
  • The procedure leaves no linear scar, and it is less invasive
  • It allows you to style your hair any way you like
  • With SmartGraft, a more natural look is achieved because the patient uses his hair as a graft
  • The procedure requires only one visit, done in-office, and it's done quickly
  • The recovery period is reduced, and there is minor discomfort
  • Produces more permanent results


The hair restoration experience that we have gathered in the 40 years in the industry makes us your best option for providing affordable African American hair transplant procedures in Los Angeles.

If you are undergoing a hair loss condition and want a textured hair transplant, Call us today at 310.289.0901 or book a free online hair transplant consultation. We have a team of hair restoration professionals ready to help you restore your lost hair. 

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