What Should I ask at my Complimentary Online Hair Loss Consultation?

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Posted on : September 26, 2020 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

questions for online hair consultation

If you feel like your experiencing hair loss, you may prefer to speak to a specialist regarding treatment. While hair loss is most commonly caused by genetics, there could be one or more underlying factors that may be contributing to your hair loss.

Some questions you might want to ask at your consultation are:

  • Based on my health history, could medical issues be contributing to my hair loss?
  • Could my hair loss be a symptom of illness or disease? Could it be a side effect of any medications I’m taking?
  • Could my diet, lifestyle, or stress be affecting my hair?
  • Am I healthy enough to participate in a hair restoration program – either surgical, non-surgical, or topical?
  • Based on my personal health history, are there possible complications related to these treatments that I should be concerned about?
  • What kind of results would you expect me to experience with these treatments?
  • Have you had other patients who’ve been treated for hair loss? What methods worked best for them?

If at the consultation you find yourself considering hair transplant surgery. Review the following questions; the answers can help you choose the best doctor to continue with.

  • Did your doctor examine you carefully, spend time with you, and listen to what you had to say?
  • Did your doctor measure your hair density?
  • Did your doctor measure the degree of miniaturization on your scalp hair?
  • Did your doctor assess your scalp laxity?
  • Did your doctor tell you that you were a “great candidate” for a hair transplant without any reservations?
  • Did you feel you were being rushed toward surgery?
  • Did your doctor create a master plan for your future hair loss with you?
  • Did you like the doctor on a personal level?