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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen | Category: Hair

It is very important to know and understand your hair growing cycle in order trying to stimulate rapid hair growth. A hair growing cycle has three stages cycle. These stage or phases are known as telogen, catagen, and anagen.

The first stage is called Anagen. In this stage, your hair grows and healthy at its average rate, and your hair looks beautiful and shiny every day. The second stage called Catagen, it is the stage when your hair stops to grow. The last stage called as Telogen stage, it is time to rebirth your new hair because it is the stage when your hair sheds or falls out.

A lot of time there are several people who don’t grow their hair back as fast as they would like or don’t grow their hair back at all are the problem with misinterpretation of the hair cycle. When a person ages, this type of situation increases especially, but a lot of ways to promote and get exceptional healthy hair by assisting your hair cycling process.

To promote rapid hair growth, you can take some tips below:

a. Take the right vitamins. Vitamins of A, C, E, B complex, and biotin in guarantying the growth of your healthy hair are necessary needed. These vitamins can take of you by getting a daily intake of eggs, beans, green vegetables, fresh or citrus fruits, meat, and still many more.

b. The imperative ways in the promotion of healthy your hair are removing foods highly saturated in fat and all fried or junk foods. You must stay away from it, some examples of these foods are friend fries, soda, candy, some of the burgers, and others.

c.  Stopping the consumption of overweening alcohol is also a good idea as alcohol can cause dehydration and as considered drying.

d. Exceedingly crucial as the hair itself is a dead protein that comes out of the scalp, so making a point that you’re acquiring your suggested quantity of protein. It will cause fragile, weak, and thinning hair if your diet is low in protein. A couple of sources to acquire your protein are beans, leans meats, low-fat dairy, and fish.

e. The massaging of your head scalp is a good way to stimulate your hair growth. To prevent a dry scalp or a flaky, do this treatment with good oil. 


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