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Hair Loss from Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are wonderful if you want to make your look longer or change your look. They make great hair additions if you are about to attend a special occasion or event, especially for women. But, do extensions ruin your hair? You can even stay with your hair extensions longer if you want after an event. Most of the people who choose to have hair extensions do so because they want to cover their bald spots, chemical damage, or hair breakage. However, when you are opting to get hair extensions, you need to understand that you may end up damaging your scalp and hair. Hair extensions may cause hair loss. The question is – do extensions ruin your hair?

Why Are Hair Extensions So Popular?

Hair extensions are viewed as accessories meant to add extra thickness and length to your normal hair. If your hair doesn’t grow up to your desired length, then getting hair extensions will solve the problem. The beauty of getting hair extensions is that they are available in many colors. You can even dye them to match with your hair color. Hair extensions are either made from real human hair or synthetic hair. This article will help you answer this question – do extensions ruin your hair?

Hair extensions are also available in various types that can be styled in numerous ways. Hair extensions can be added by clipping, weaving, taping, gluing, or micro looping. Due to the various hair extension designs, they may end up causing further hair loss, even if you are trying to cover a bald spot in the first place. Depending on how you wear hair extensions and how long you do so, they can really affect your hair health negatively, if you are asking yourself – do extensions ruin your hair

What Are the Different Types of Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions BHHR

Synthetic fibers or real human hair are used to create and design hair extensions. What sets them apart is how they are applied. One method of application is called clip-ins. These types of hair extensions are simply added anytime, whenever they are needed. This also means that you can remove them whenever you want. This makes them the safest of all other types of hair extensions.

Other hair extension types are called tape-ins. As the name suggests, these types of hair extensions are taped together first. They are much smaller than clip-ins. They are then taped to the natural hair and stay in the hair for a period of four to eight weeks. There are also other hair extensions that may be applied semi-permanently. They include fusion types that involve using different types of adhesives such as glue. Some types of glue require using a heated device to remove it. But, do hair extensions damage your hair?

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If you want your hair extensions to stay longer in your hair then the micro-rings or micro-beads type will serve the purpose. These are very small hair extensions that are applied at the roots, strand by strand. There are also the sew-in weave types, which offer a permanent way of hair extensions. The reason being that they can not be removed. Using a thread and a needle, hair extensions are sewed into cornrows or braids. If you have thick hair, then these types of hair extensions are ideal. The reason being that more pressure is put on the scalp. If you have thinner hair, these hair extensions won’t work.

Do Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

There will always be a risk of damaging your hair with hair extensions since they are attached to the natural hair, which tugs your hair and scalp. This creates tension to the hair follicles. This tension causes what we call traction alopecia, a type of hair loss that develops when the hair follicles are constantly subjected to pressure. Most of the time, it is the application method that damages the hair instead of wearing them.

As a matter of concern, many of the people who want to get hair extensions ask themselves – do extensions ruin your hair? Damages to the hair and pain in the hair follicles may be caused by working with the inexperienced hairdresser. Such hairdressers don’t have enough techniques and experience to style up hair with hair extensions. It is also not a good idea to apply hair extensions on your own if you lack the needed experience. When you do this, you may end up creating more harm than good.

It is critical to ensure that hair doesn’t get tangled. The hairstylist will give you instructions needed for proper upkeep. If you have applied semi-permanent types of hair extensions, after a while you need to reposition it. This is to avoid putting a lot of pressure on one side of the scalp.

Are hair extensions for everyone?

Typically, if you have a good amount of natural hair, you can apply hair extensions. But as you do this, it is important to match the hair extensions with your hair identity. However, hair extensions are not ideal options for people who are suffering from active hair loss. The reason being that it gives a false impression of thick hair and one may not understand the extensiveness of the hair loss condition. If you are suffering from hair extensions hair loss, you need to know the cause so that you can seek proper hair loss treatment.

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It is also not a good idea to get hair extensions if you have sparse hair or advanced thinning hair. If you are in this state and you apply extensions, you will cause further damage to your hair follicles. Are hair extensions bad for your hair? If done properly once in a while, they are not.

Have you applied hair extensions for a while now and you are affected by hair thinning? Beverly Hills Hair Restoration has a wide range of hair thinning and loss treatments that are quite effective for treating all hair loss conditions. All manner and concerns of hair thinning are addressed in our Los Angeles clinic. We can treat you with colored hair, natural hair, and chemically treated hair. We use high quality hair products such as shampoos, hair conditioners, and leave-in treatments. Besides all these, we also offer various hair growth supplements to ensure that your hair gets all the essential nutrients needed for hair growth.

Top Tips For Getting Extensions That Don’t Cause Hair Loss

Hair extensions, just like any other remedy for hair thinning and hair loss, needs to be done moderately. If applied frequently or for long, they can strain out hair strains. Eventually, this will cause reaction alopecia. Whenever you feel the urge to apply hair extensions on your head, seek professional services from hair experts. Professional hair stylists know how to apply properly, reducing straining the natural hair that may lead to hair loss. You are free to contact us with any questions if you believe that you are suffering from hair loss extensions. Our hair loss specialists will investigate the condition carefully and come up with effective treatment suggestions.

Thus, there is always a risk of using hair extensions. But the question do hair extensions ruin your hair is very general. The answer to this question has been covered in the article. I hope you got all your answers on hair extensions. If you notice hair falling while rinsing and combing, then it is time to see a doctor.

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