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Food for Amazing Hair

Growing stronger and healthier hair is everyone’s desire. Especially when they are getting older. The interesting thing about hair is that it grows around 1.25 cm (0.5 inches) per month and 15 cm (6 inches) per year. Some of the factors that affect hair growth include genetics, diet, health, and age. Since changing genetics and age factors is impossible, you can only improve your hair’s health by eating healthy foods for hair growth and avoiding stress. Eating goods that don’t have enough nutrients may cause hair loss

If you realize that your hair loss is due to an unhealthy diet, you can change your diet and start eating foods with the right nutrients to improve hair growth

Listed below are the eight best foods for hair growth that can help you improve the health of your hair. 


foods  for hair growth

Eggs contain two vital nutrients essential for the growth of healthy hair, including biotin and protein. Hair follicles are mostly made of protein; that is why it is important to include eggs in your hair thickening diet. Hair loss comes mostly when there isn’t enough supply of protein in the body. The hair protein called keratin is usually produced by a compound called biotin. 

That explains why biotin supplements are usually sold to promote hair growth. Studies about biotin have revealed that biotin consumption has helped the health of hair in people who have a biotin deficiency. You are unlikely to have biotin deficiencies when you eat foods with all the nutrients for hair growth. However, little evidence is available to show that consuming biotin makes people healthier. 


Many essential compounds and vitamins that promote hair growth are found in berries. Among the vitamins is vitamin C, and this kind of vitamin has strong antioxidant properties. Hair follicles are protected against harmful molecules called free radicals with the help of antioxidants. The molecules exist naturally in the environment and in the body. You will get an impressive 141% of your daily vitamin C needs a cup of (144 grams) of strawberries. 

Another protein that helps to promote hair regrowth and is found in strawberries is called collagen. This protein prevents the hair from becoming brittle by strengthening it, and this also helps to stop hair breakage. Moreover, vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron from your food for hair growth. Anemia is caused by a lack of enough iron in the body, and this may lead to hair loss. 


foods  for hair growth

Spinach is a kind of green vegetable that is quite nutritious and has lots of health benefits. Some of the nutrients that help you to keep your hair strong and healthy include iron, vitamin A and C, and folate. To produce sebum, the skin glands need vitamin A. Sebum is an oily substance that moisturizes the scalp to keep it healthy. You will get up to 54% of your daily vitamin from a cup of spinach which weighs about 30 grams. Spinach also provides iron naturally, and this is important for hair growth. With the aid of iron, the red blood cells are carried throughout the body. This allows the body to carry out metabolism and also helps with repairs and growth.

Fatty Fish

Herring, salmon, and mackerel are all fatty fish that contain vital nutrients for promoting hair growth. These types of food to help grow hair contains omega-3 acids, which also help to support hair growth. A study was conducted to show the relevance of fatty acids in hair. In this study, 120 women were given food supplements containing omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

They are also given antioxidants. After a few days, their hair increased in density and became stronger. Taking fish oil supplements also helps women suffering from thinning hair prevent further hair loss and increased hair growth. Studies conducted to establish whether fatty acids help promote hair growth are quite a few. Before experts recommend omega-3, more research needs to be done. Fatty fish also provide selenium, protein, and vitamin D3 and B vitamins—these nutrients aid in keeping the hair strong and healthy. 

Sweet Potatoes

You can rely on sweet potatoes to provide you with beta-carotene. This compound is transformed into vitamin A, which is said to promote healthy hair growth. There is enough beta-carotene in a medium sweet potato which weighs about 114 grams to provide you with more than four times your daily dose of vitamin A. Research has revealed that sebum production is aided by vitamin A, which is essential for keeping your hair healthy. Additionally, vitamin A also helps to speed up the hair growth rate, and it also helps prevent hair from regressing while encouraging thicker hair growth. 


foods  for hair growth

Besides being delicious and nutritious, avocados also provide healthy fats, and they are also a great source of vitamin E that helps to promote healthy hair growth. You will get a daily vitamin E dose of about 21% from a single medium avocado that weighs about 200 grams. Like vitamin C, vitamin E is also an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals to eliminate oxidative stress. 

A study done a few weeks ago revealed that after taking vitamin E supplements for eight months, people with hair loss experienced 34.5% more hair growth. Oxidative stress and damage are prevented from affecting areas of the skin and scalp. The scalp will start producing fewer and poor-quality hair strands because the skin is damaged. Another benefit of avocados is that they provide essential fatty acids. The body cannot produce the body, and however, they play a big role in generating body cells. If a person lacks enough fatty acids, he may end up suffering from hair loss. 


foods  for hair growth

Not only are nuts tasty, but they are also, but they also have various nutrients to make your hair grow stronger and healthier. For example, 37% of your daily vitamin E needs are easily provided by 28 grams or an ounce of almonds. Moreover, other nutrients from nuts include a variety of B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and zinc. 

Lack of the mentioned nutrients may lead to hair loss. Besides having hair growth nutrients, there are many other health benefits that nuts have. For instance, nuts can lower your chances of getting a heart attack by reducing inflammation. Nuts make an easy and an excellent addition to your diet. 


foods  for hair growth

What makes seeds a vital addition to your diet is that they contain lots of nutrients with few calories. The majority of these nutrients also help to promote healthy hair growth. Some of these nutrients include selenium, zinc, and vitamin E. For example, 50% of your daily vitamin E needs can be supplied by 28 grams or an ounce of sunflower seeds. There are also various hair-healthy B vitamins contained in seeds. Besides that, there are certain seeds like chia seeds or flax seeds that contain omega-3 fatty acids. 

The amount of omega-3 fatty acids contained in a single ounce of flaxseeds is about 6,388 mg, and this is much more than the fatty acids you will find in 178 grams (half a fillet) of salmon. Omega-3s are also found in fatty fish. Even though the body does not use it, it is a great addition to your diet. Consuming a mixture of seeds will ensure that you get all the nutrients to keep your hair healthy. 

The Bottom Line

Your hair gets affected, whether positively or negatively, depending on what you decide to consume. Failure to include vital nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, and E, zinc, B vitamins may lead to poor or weak hair growth or hair loss. Once you discover that your hair loss is due to a lack of nutrients, you may include the mentioned foods for hair growth in your diet. 

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