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Posted on : December 06, 2017 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

While there are many factors that can contribute to female hair loss we generally see most cases related to androgenetic alopecia. Our highly experienced hair restoration specialist will conduct a thorough consultation to ensure we diagnose the patient properly before any hair restoration is conducted. We never assume a female is losing hair due to androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia can begin at any age after puberty. Female pattern baldness generally occurs on the top and crown of the head. The thinning of hair often starts as a thinning around the center of the hair part. We have classified three patterns of female hair loss.

1. Thinning on the crown: this area will begin to thin around the crown of the head.
2. Receding hair line: this is when the hairline begins to recede back.
3. Thinning through the part: hair will begin to thin around the natural part of the hair.

We recommend using medicaton that can help slow down the hair loss process. Finasteride can be taken after their childbearing years however, it’s not recommend to take before then. Along with medication women can have an FUT (follicular unit transplantation) performed to restore the hair they’ve lost. Moreover, Dr. Kahen has created a patent pending SmartPRP® (platelet rich plasma) formula. The SmartPRP® formula collects more platelets than any other formula available. This unmatched platelt rich plasma procedure can be used at the early stages of female hair loss or in conjunction with a FUE or FUT procedure.

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