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Female and Male pattern

The majority of people believe that going bald is an ailment that only occurs in males. This article sees its way to the people's view with such myths, and the difference between male or female pattern baldness will surely change your thinking permanently. Here you go:

Male Pattern Baldness – an insight

Male pattern baldness - male or female pattern baldness

According to the specialists who relate with the leading FUE hair transplant clinic in Los Angeles, males under the age of 20 even witness male pattern baldness. the cause for this condition could be any: 

  • not taking proper care of hair
  • proper head massage
  • unhealthy diet
  • unhealthy lifestyle
  • heredity and many other reasons

The problem depicts the critical symptom of thinning hair in patches or specific regions like the crown area of the scalp. The pace at which the hairline will start receding will differ from one person to other. However, the men will turn completely bald within the period of ten to twenty years, precisely when one had not ever taken any single step towards preventing hair loss or the progress of the receding hairline. 

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Female Pattern Baldness – an insight

According to the surgeons treating the various hair, problems believes that females suffering from female hair baldness will begin observing that hair starts thinning from the crown area of the scalp. The hair in this part will seem to be thinner and fragile. The bad news is that soon that area will become bald. Any of the females who have female hair b ldness will not wholly lose hair from the hairline. Although, like in male pattern baldness, the males have a broad forehead which is a common sign of the problem. But in the case of female pattern baldness, this sign of widening of the forehead is absent.

In most cases, the hair follicles from the center of the scalp stop growing new hair follicles, thus making a big bald patch in the middle of the head. It is the primary sign of female pattern baldness. Females at their age of fifties or sixties are in more danger to face this condition.    

A simplified analysis of both male and female pattern baldness

It should be noted that though the signs of both male or female pattern baldness vary from one another, but once in a while, the male can observe the symptom of female pattern baldness, and the same goes for females. In conclusion, the primary variation between male or female pattern baldness are-

In case of female pattern baldness:

  • The presence of receding hairline
  • As the hairline widens, it forms an M- shaped hairline 
  • It affects the hair follicles of the crown and middle region of the head. 

In case of female pattern baldness:

  • Receding of hairline does not take place; thus, chances of broadening of the forehead are low. 
  • Affects the hair only of the middle region of the scalp.  

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The Cause

For triggering the condition of female pattern hair loss, the genes of the hair loss and circulating androgens must be present. The gene is carried through a multifactorial or polygenic form of an estate. Male hormones like androgens, testosterone, and DHT have been proved to trigger male pattern baldness. DHT obtained from testosterone by the 5alpha-reductase enzyme hits the genetically receptive follicles, thus leading to hair loss through miniaturization through shrinkage. The outcome is quite progressively shorter and tender hair. With age, total suspension of growth will arise in genetically programmed follicles.          

Psychological Aspects

Hair is also among one of the vital parts of the body. It is a part over which we have instant control to show our personality and persona. The philosophy behind hair loss is masculinity, sexual attraction, and again. Unfortunately, hair loss is a very devastating situation that brings stress to most males and females. Worrying and bothering yourself so much can affect your hair growth and body growth and can lower your stamina to cope with that severe hair loss. In females, hair loss could be more stressful. Most of the females complain about socio-emotional stress and the efforts they are striving to come up with that condition. Both males and females strive so much to overcome this problem. They try several ways to prevent hair loss and restore their hair. There are cosmetic pills that could improve male or female pattern baldness that might escalate their self-esteem and personality.  

How is it diagnosed?

If you observe severe thinning of hair on your scalp, then it is time to visit a doctor or dermatologist. The doctor will help you diagnose the problem to get what the pattern of hair loss is. Generally, female pattern baldness does not require any testing. But if your doctor notices any other kind of hair loss, then they might ask for a blood test to check out the hormonal conditions like thyroid, androgens, iron, or any other substance that can affect your hair growth.  


Thankful greets to the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration surgeons, who make every effort to restore male or female pattern baldness. After going through the paragraphs above, one suffering from any hair loss or a receding hairline, their days of beauty and smartness have bygone for good days. But this is not the case. Both males and females can have their natural-looking hair back. For more details, contact us or visit our website of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic.  

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