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Posted on : October 13, 2016 | Author: John Kahen

Combs, hair brushes, shampoo, conditioner, shampoo & conditioner combined, gel, pomade, Rogaine, and even cosmetic surgery. What do all of these have in common? They are industries built around hair. Yes, those thin self-producing follicles on the top of your head. Simple supply and demand economics tells us that because so many different supplies of hair product, shampoo, and gel etc… have been created, there must be high demand and value placed into one’s hair. That’s exactly correct. America values hair. Hair is a key component of physical attractiveness. Everyday we spend a significant amount of time brushing, combing, and applying product to our hair because “having a good hair day” may be the deciding factor in whether that date tonight goes well or not.

However, we all take our hair for granted. We wake up and it’s there. We cut it and it grows back. We produce it. But what if I were to tell you that between 200,000 and 3,000,000 people each year lose their ability to grow hair? Alopecia is an awful, crippling disease that targets and destroys natural hair growth. In fact, Alopecia actually occurs when your body’s immune system attacks its own hair follicles. So your own body is the culprit of your own hair loss. You know you have succumbed to Alopecia when patches of hair just start dropping from your scalp randomly. Seriously. Additionally, Alopecia can produce rapid thinning of one’s hair. Bottom line, this disease is not something you want to be a victim of, because it threatens one of the most valuable components of every person’s physical attractiveness – hair. 

What if I told you there was a way to fight against Alopecia? Cosmetic surgery is the answer. When people think of cosmetic surgery they usually point to plastic surgery and Botox. People associate cosmetic surgery as a means to look “prettier.” However, hair restoration surgery is an actual medical procedure intended to fight against hair-ravaging diseases and natural hair loss. Medical clinics, like Beverly Hills Hair Restoration (BHHR), offer services to combat and preserve one’s hair when a problem occurs. So don’t worry when clumps of your hair start to randomly depart from your scalp, there is a silver lining.

That silver lining lies in the magic-like hands of surgeons like Dr. John Kahen at BHHR. Not only will Dr. Kahen help you defend against hair loss diseases like Alopecia, but he will also provide you with the tools necessary to maintain beautiful, natural hair for decades to come. This “magic,” if you will, stems from Dr. Kahen’s meticulous and scientific approach to each of his client’s hair. Kahen personalizes each procedure to the specific needs of each individual. Thus, hair restoration procedures like those at BHHR serve a dual purpose: to combat hair loss and disease, and to ensure beautiful natural hair growth

Do not be a victim of hair loss or Alopecia! That’s the moral of the story. Go to your local hair restoration clinic and do something about it. Remember, hair restoration procedures are in fact medical. They are far from just surgeries to further beautify yourself. Think of it as a medical treatment with increased attractiveness as a side-effect. 


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