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Posted on : May 02, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

Bobby Blotzer Hair Restoration

I was referred to Dr. Kahen by a good friend of mine, so I had a feeling going in that it would be a positive experience. There was no phony, pushy sales approach by his office staff or by him ? Just a very direct, knowledgeable consultation and the hair transplant results shown were very impressive. The results are really what made it all worth it. My hairline is natural and no one can tell that I had a hair transplant, which I think is important to a lot of people considering a hair transplant. Dr. Kahen actually listens to what you want and the entire staff is really attentive. I cant thank Dr. Kahen and his staff enough for their amazing work. If your hair, or lack thereof has bugged you like its bugged me for years, heres your turn around. ? Bobby Blotzer

bobby-blotzer-celebrity-hair-transplant-los-angeles-205x300About Bobby Blotzer, Drummer of Ratt:

Bobby Blotzer is well-known as the drummer in the band Ratt, an American heavy metal band that was a significant success in the 1980s. Ratt was a part of the glam and heavy metal scene in Los Angeles. It has been said that Blotzer was a huge part of the multi-platinum success of Ratt by helping them sell five consecutive platinum albums in the 1980s. Ratt called it quits in 1992 after the grunge band era in the 1990s but then reunited five years later in 1997. Bobby still tours with Ratt today.

His Experience at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration:

Bobby Blotzer came to Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in February 2011 looking to achieve a natural look in the areas where his hairline was beginning to recede at the temples as well as on the top of the scalp. Pictures in the past of the musician often showed his scalp covered with a bandana that he tied around his head. Blotzers first session procedure involved the transplantation of over 3000 grafts using the Strip Harvest technique performed by Dr. John Kahen and his trained technici