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About Follicular Unit Extraction:

Follicular Unit Extraction is a technique to extract single follicular units, one by one, from the donor site by using a tiny punch excision. The diameter of the punch used to extract single follicular units is not more than 1mm. This method is generally applicable for body hair transplantation, scalp as well as repair of previously transplanted scalp. Moreover, the FUE technique is not advisable for mega sessions.This technique offers a plethora of benefits from absence of stitches, absence of linear scars and the hair can be kept of desired length.

Benefits of FUE:


The Popularity of Follicular Unit Extraction and Why Patients Specifically Request the Technique

The innovation of hair transplant surgery has evolved over the years, shifting the focus to natural results and minimal to no scarring in the donor area. While this is achievable with our ultra refined follicular unit transplant performed by a skilled surgeon, Follicular Unit Extraction is becoming the choice technique for patients seeking minimal to no scarring, rapid healing and no linear scar on the back of the scalp. In Follicular Unit Extraction, the grafts are extracted individually from the back of the scalp (the donor area) that leaves behind tiny holes where each graft was extracted. Immediately after the FUE procedure, the tiny holes are visible on the back of the scalp and appear red. The redness goes away and within a few days to two weeks, the holes are barely visible. See photo below:


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