Why has Follicular Unit Extraction become popular in hair transplant?

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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : FUE Hair Transplant | Author: John Kahen

It seems as if Follicular Unit Extraction is becoming the more popular hair transplant technique option for those suffering from genetic hair loss. But why, exactly? The Strip Harvesting Technique can be very effective as a permanent solution and if performed by a skilled surgeon, can leave behind such minimal scarring it's undetectable (thanks to a technique called tricophytic closure). But Follicular Unit Extraction has taken the front seat these days as the more modern approach to hair restoration that won't leave behind scarring or result in a "pluggy look." And this could be for several reasons.

#1 The Hype
One potential factor in the popularity of FUE is the hype around it created by clinics, surgeons and appealing advertisements. It’s a positive direction hair transplant surgery is taking when surgeons and clinics are dedicated to offering the most innovative and advanced techniques in hair restoration – and FUE has become the back bone of that dedication.

#2 The Technology and the Robot
Restoration Robotics and the ARTAS Robotic System has really began to take flight in the hair restoration industry. They claim to extend human capability by extracting follicular units at a much quicker rate compared to performing it manually. This technology only further boasts FUE as a choice option for hair restoration because the procedure can be performed faster (since manual FUE is very tedious and requires a precise and skilled surgeon.) The drawback of robotic hair restoration? Well, there really is no drawback to the robot, but it does not replace a skilled surgeon and technicians. Since the robot only extracts the follicular grafts, the surgeon and technicians still perform the placement of the grafts to the balding (recipient area).

#3 The Technique
The obvious reason for the popularity of Follicular Unit Extraction could simply be due to the fact that it is a very good technique when performed for the right candidate by the right surgeon. Follicular Unit Extraction is a very innovative and precise technique that offers natural results with undetectable scarring – which makes it a very attractive option. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we first determine if the patient is a good candidate for Follicular Unit Extraction before going ahead with the surgery. Hair texture, stage of hair loss and number of grafts needed all factor into this determination.