Why Cosmetic Surgery is on the Rise

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Posted on : October 13, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

Cosmetic Surgery (CS) is a fairly new medical phenomenon. It used to be a treatment that sort of had an unknown reputation. People were unsure about its liabilities and what such a procedure entailed. However, through all the uncertainty, CS remained an extremely appealing procedure because it was the first thing to ever really be able to make people look younger. In our society, the concept of “aging” has always been a very ominous subject, because “aging” brings forth the notion of looking less attractive (like wrinkles), looking less active and young, and looking as though death is on the horizon. CS completely redefined all of these characteristics of aging by enabling people to looking seemingly “ageless.”

Now there is one fact in itself that will forever keep Cosmetic Surgery popular: making people appear younger for a longer period of time. However, this only keeps people using Cosmetic Surgery to a certain degree, but why is CS increasing in popularity? There are a few reasons, but I would first like to talk about personalization.

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery are practically the only medical procedures in which the customer can tailor the treatment to precisely what they want. Customers can do preliminary research, in combination with an analysis of one’s own needs, and tell the doctor or surgeon exactly what they are looking for. This sort of medical treatment isn’t like a broken bone or a sprained ankle in the sense that you’re not at the mercy of the doctor who examines you and tells you what needs to be done. This is a procedure in which you tell the doctor exactly what you want. That sense of empowerment is appealing to people.

Another reason for the increased popularity of Cosmetic Surgery is the glorification of the procedure by the media and society at large. It has been deemed somewhat “socially acceptable” to have received some sort of plastic surgery because it shows that you’re likely affluent and motivated to look more attractive and healthy. Additionally, the usage of cosmetic procedures by celebrities like the Kardashians motivate people to also use cosmetic surgery because they think, “if the beautiful and sexy Kardashians are doing it, why shouldn’t I?”

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration (BHHR) is one of many cosmetic treatment centers that cater to individuals looking to appear more attractive and healthy. BHHR understands that Los Angeles is the epitome of physical perfection. Everybody seems to be looking for ways to continually increase their physical attractiveness. All of Hollywood is embracing some sort of physical enhancement surgery like plastic surgery or hair transplants. Thus, as cosmetic surgery has rapidly increased in usage, BHHR has adapted to this rise in popularity by cultivating an array of treatments and techniques to offer individuals their choice of medical procedure. BHHR is affordable, will personalize your medical procedure to your needs, and will make you look more beautiful and young. 

Contributing Writer: John Collier