Why Am I Losing My Hair?

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Posted on : October 13, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

Why Am I Losing My Hair?

Well, there is no simple answer; but there are some common explanations when it comes to explaining significant hair loss or hair thinning. Whether they are environmental, biological, social or physical – there are a vast majority of reasons why someone could be experiencing significant hair loss. These are just some.

Hormones are usually the things that only teenagers worry about when they’re voice starts squeaking or they start crying in the middle of a pep rally, right? WRONG. Hormones are one reason why some people may lose hair. In some people, sex hormones can cause a pattern of baldness that is particular (often called male/female-pattern baldness).  While more common in men, pattern-baldness can also effect women based on their hormones. Women can also attribute hormones to their hair loss in times of menopause, pregnancy or childbirth.

Some medical conditions can create hair loss as well. Skin disorders and scalp infections can lead to hair loss that is not always permanent – but temporary. Alopecia is an immune disease that attacks the body’s hair follicles. While not permanent, it can take significant time for the hair to grow back. Thyroid problems are another medical condition that causes thinning and loss of hair. When the gland is improperly balanced or not working as fast as it usually does it can cause hair loss.

There are many major social factors that can cause hair loss, too. Any type of physical or emotional stress or shock can lead to a significant amount of hair loss. Changes in ones diet can also create the problem and even wearing your hair in a certain hairstyle can make you prone to losing hair. For women, pulling hair too tightly into cornrows, pigtails or ponytails can cause damage to the scalp – leading directly to hair loss and thinning. Sudden or excessive weight loss can also cause this.

Overall, hair loss can sometimes be inevitable but it can also be cured. Hair loss is not always permanent and even if it is, there are numerous amounts of restorative techniques that doctors and surgeons can implement to refurbish hair growth and make hair more full. It is very encouraged to ask your doctors why you may be losing your hair as it can be telling to other health problems – never feel too awkward to ask the question.

Contributing Writer: Hayden Cohen