What's the best hair loss & alopecia treatment?

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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

There is no simple answer to this. No one treatment is spectacular for the average individual. However, there are a few treatments that yield decent results for a majority of people. (Decent is defined here as the cessation of further hair thinning and perhaps some regrowth, ranging from a little to moderate.) Some people do respond unusually well--but then some don't respond at all. Most fall somewhere in between.

Since there are multiple factors in pattern loss for both men and women, it is wisest to approach the problem from several angles to maximize results, as some treatments are complementary and address different underlying causes. A common fundamental approach is to use an "antiandrogen" of some kind, such as Propecia (men only) or Revivogen (men and women), and a growth stimulant such as Rogaine Foam or Tricomin. Other options include therapeutic shampoos, such as Nizoral, which is a mandatory part of every treatment regimen. Still, other approaches that may help include dietary and nutritional considerations and even lifestyle modifications. There are many adherents to such a "kitchen sink" approach.

You can also start with a single treatment, though due to the long lag time before you can actually verify efficacy, this can be very hit and miss and may bring less than optimal results by only addressing one aspect of a larger problem.

Treatments for individuals with Alopecia Areata (patchy hair loss), Alopecia Universalis, and Alopecia Totalis are limited. Topical steroid injections are used for less severe Alopecia Areata.